Media Stres

Media Stres from Čakovec in Croatia is the alt-rock trio of Karlo Komorski (Guitar / Vocals), Saša Hutinec (Bass) and Matej Obadić (Drums).

Media Stres - alt-rock from Croatia

Media Stres

There is a delightful swagger and bounce to the music that struts into the room with the arrival of Media Stres. A rock solid percussion forms the steel for the trio, to which the bass adds a hum of discontent, surrounded by a guitar that shifts between lead and rhythm giving the trio a wider spectrum in which to explore. The vocal which emerges from Californian indie, whilst initially sounding discordant, quickly settles in the ears and the out-put has a coherent story to tell.

The highlight of the sounds, for me, are the powerful drums that rhythmically pulse around the room capturing attention and gathering the body up to sway in time.

Somewhat appositely I was sent the most recent Media Stres release E.V.I.L. (e-Virus influenced love) Part 1. (which is available on bandcamp) as an introduction to the band and on ‘liking’ their Facebook Page found they now have 666 likes.

A couple of years into their journey Media Stres are balancing releases with live performances and it will be interesting to hear how things develop for them this year. Already Part 2 is scheduled for release in the Spring.

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Someday I Will Miss You

Someday I Will Miss You is the solo performer of dream-electronica – Dino Pavlov from Karlovac in Croatia.

Someday I Will Miss You - dream-electronica from Croatia

Someday I Will Miss You

Uniting synth keys, technology, guitar and vocal Someday I Will Miss You provides a wash of immersive sounds in which to slow down the mind. The abundance of components are presented as a seamless flow of gently moving parts which stretch time.

Still in the embryonic stage Someday I Will Miss you has been creating sounds of measured pensiveness for about a year and is in the process of forming a live performance unit along with plans for an EP early next year.

It is the dark mutations of sound that give the music its interest. The combinations of echoed vocal with the brooding atmospherics of the synths with gazy guitar and computer generated noises-off coalesce into cohesive well paced haunting compositions into which you feel yourself drifting.

I look forward to hearing how Someday I Will Miss You progress over the next year or so.

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Trivia from Osijek in Croatia is the alt-indie trio of Aleksandar Pešić (Guitar / Vocals), Dinko Mehmedović (Bass) and Borna Marjanović (Drums).

Trivia - photo credit John Wayne

Trivia – photo credit John Wayne

Relatively newly formed, Trivia have a sound that immediately has you grinning from ear to ear as the guitar swings into action. A sharp percussion is teamed with a billowing bass as the vocal reaches out from the speakers to grab you by the throat.

There is a tempered energy which wells up through the tracks and the ensuing cauldron of frustration fixates the listener. The exploratory six string is given room to develop the concepts within the pieces and adds a strong layer to the overall out-put as Trivia appear to have a wide dynamic range and the ability to deliver their ideas musically and it will be interesting to hear how the band develops.

An early EP – Burden (which is available on bandcamp) – gives a good insight to the scope of Trivia within the five tracks on the release and they are already thinking about their first LP.

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Jonathan from Rijeka in Croatia is the indie rock quintet of Zoran Badurina Ziro (Vocals), Branko Kovačić Husta (Drums), Nikica Jurjević Nixon (Bass), Darko Petković Rade (Guitar) and Tomislav Radinović Tomo (Guitar).

Jonathan - indie rock from Croatia


Experienced and seasoned musicianship sears out of the speakers as Jonathan deliver a refreshed and up-beat version of indie-rock. Although well produced and smartly delivered, there is none of the cynicism that lays within much of the music produced by many musicians with experience behind them, as the enthusiasm of a band newly out of the gates spills across the room.

The listener is left with compositions that spark a positive flow of energy through the head, as Jonathan, whilst not ignoring the realities of the world around don’t dwell on it, rather looking optimistically towards the future. That isn’t to say the quintet can’t deliver sounds with a more brooding presence, but even in those moments it is not an oppressive cloud as they find the glimmers of brightness shining through the darkness.

Were they not based in Croatia I am fairly certain Jonathan would have a far higher profile, as the music transcends geographic location while extending a catchy positivity to the audience. Their latest release, the twelve track – just under an hour long Bliss – (which is available on bandcamp) being a particular pleasure.

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Rolin Humes

This Sunday (as I write), I seem to be having to brush up on Latin with this being the second band with Latin references….

Rolin Humes originally formed in Rijeka, Croatia is the blues rock quartet of Emil (Bass), Nikola (Guitar), Matej (Drums) and Robi (Vocals / Piano).

Rolin Humes - blues rock from Croatia

Rolin Humes

Music sometimes is as much about the lyric as the style and whilst Rolin Humes play in a genre with which I have little affinity, particularly given the jazz infusions, however – the lyrical content is incredibly interesting.

Historical figures feature predominately in the songs, which often describe a ‘what if’ journey, giving the resulting out-put by Rolin Humes a highly thoughtful perspective. This gives the material an almost philosophical twist and given that English isn’t the native tongue, a testament to the song writing skills.

For those more comfortable with the style, musically the quintet deliver smoothly blended instrumentation that features as mellow well tempered fusion rock. Originally formed as a blues session band they have successfully developed their style, which despite them all moving to different parts of the country, has evolved into a more inclusive out-put, which through intelligent lyrics poses apposite and current political conundrums, whilst on the surface appearing to be gliding serenely.

There is always great pleasure in finding personal resonance in the most obscure directions and I wish Rolin Humes the best for the future.

I conclude with the longest track I have thus far suggested, in the past four and a half years, you spend time to consider as a taster of the band being introduced  – 18 minutes and 18 seconds.


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