Sportdad – Octopus – Single Review

The newish Costa Rican indie-rock quartet Sportdad revealed the track Octopus last week.



Other than if you are in Costa Rica and have been able to catch a live performance since their first gig on the 25th of May or their radio play on the 8th on Ciudad Canibal, this is their one and song for broader consumption and a fine introduction it is too of a band I look forward to hearing much more from in short order

Combinations of a reference of US and French rock enable Sportdad to deliver, in Octopus, a track that finds listeners wherever they are geo-located caught up in the infectious summer-surf vibe.

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Badsmoke and the Astral Haze – Ingolf vs The Man Cricketman – Video

The Costa Rican psychedelic-rock trio Badsmoke and the Astral Haze will be releasing the three track single Triada of the Earthlings next month.

Badsmoke And The Astral Haze photo credit - Naty Aguirre

Badsmoke And The Astral Haze photo credit – Naty Aguirre

The first song to surface from the single is Ingolf vs The Man Cricketman (available as a stand alone single on bandcamp) which merely asks the listener to leave their temporal-lobe hanging on a hat-stand prior to entering the room to allow the frontal-lobe plenty of room to extract the juices of the winding guitar, which inverts in to itself like a foaming bath with perforated bubbles of reverb snatching inside escaping echoes, whilst percussion taunts the bass as it snaps at the calcaneal tendon with the vocal enticing the listener to the less empiric aspects of thought.


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Smokey Bars – Lady C – Audio

The Costa Rican twelve bar blues quintet Smokey Bars released the EP – Live At The Cabin on the 2nd.

Smokey Bars

Smokey Bars

My apologies to everyone that so many reviews are surfacing later than you may anticipate, which is not due to my tardiness, rather the flow of music wandering through the filters and although I write this well inside the normal parameters this will not be published until far later than expected in the normal course of events.

The roughly twenty five minute Extended Play revealed through five tracks (available on bandcamp) of curls and blousey tendrils of guitar that reach around the room akin to Octupus tentacles drifting in the ocean which wrap the unwary inside coils of suction embrace the listener in stopped strings, leisurely percussion and wandering bass from which peers a well travelled voice and when ears are extended the faint underlay of synthesis is what gives the music its distinctive personality.

My selection from Live At The Cabin is the closer Lady C.

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Perceptions – Drive Me Crazy – Single Review

The Costa Rican rock’n’roll quintet Perceptions released the single Drive Me Crazy on the 1st.



Lasting less than three minutes Drive Me Crazy (available on bandcamp) does everything it needs to and more leaving – the listener in good mood as Perceptions don’t attempt to add embellishments to their blues driven trio of six string guitar line-up as the bass and percussion skips around the room in joyful abandon.

Formed in 2014 Perceptions have, unsurprisingly,  established a local loyal live circuit and You Drive Me Crazy makes a welcome follow-up to the 2015 single Let Me Take You – for those of us who don’t have the opportunity to see them on stage.

I merely hope it isn’t long before they make more music available for a world-wide audience, with their songs which transcend geo-political borders.

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EUS, Postdrome and Saåad

It has been three years since EUS (Costa Rica), Postdrome (England) and Saåad (France) last collaborated.

EUS, Postdrome and Saåad - Different Streams - artwork

EUS, Postdrome and Saåad – Different Streams – artwork

A six track LP Different Streams is scheduled for launch on the 23rd, released through the Russian label Grains Of Sands Records.

The three different elements – EUS the solo project of Jose AcuñaCharlie Floyd who makes up Postdrome along with Romain Barbot and Grégory Buffier who are Saåad, play each track together rather than a track apiece, which gives the ambient drone even more relevance for being featured on the site.

Whilst the music will take you on a journey of lost time, having had the opportunity to hear the six tracks and the bonus three, I assure you a mind warping and time bending experience well worth stepping in to, it is also the nature of musicians coming together from disparate geo-political boundaries and releasing the result through yet another, that finds this so inclusive and a project to be supported.

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Different Streams is available on bandcamp.

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