Pokemon Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 )

Pokemon Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 ) based in Shenzhen, China is the dreamy-rock quartet of Kevin Pinner (Drums), Paul Wade (Guitar / Vocals), Greg Merrell (Guitar/ Vocals) and Jonathan Howland (Bass).

Pokeman Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 ) - dreamy-rock based in China

Pokeman Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 )

The players, all originally from the USA formed Pokemon Dad about eighteen months ago in their new residency, delivering material which reflects of the broad influences of the band. Psychedelia, maths-rock and indie-rock coexist within the dreamy spires of sound. The quartet are able to creative expansive gaps in chords without loosing impetus, which gives the pieces their spacious nature as echoes and reverb flood the room.

Pokeman Dad are able to drive concepts of maths-angularity with the folding features of psychedelia effectively and the resulting out-put marks a difference of space. Guitars and voices are not used to add volume, rather paint the rich textures which gives the material its interest.

Track lengths are also highly variable from under two minutes to approaching six, but the listener is not left in a state of confusion as there is a thread of sound that gives Pokeman Dad its distinctive style, which is well worth investing time to get to know.

Their début LP Casual Males (随便男人) was released last month, to follow up an eponymous two track single that surfaced in January of last year.

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Casual Males – Pokemon Dad is available on iTunes.*

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Cat Aids

Cat Aids from Bejing in China is the growl-rock duo of Percy Piss Wizard (Drums) and Gustav Von Kluster fuk (Bass).

Cat Aids - Growl Rock from China

Cat Aids

Cat Aids is a band that will either immediately catch an interest or never grow on you as their combinations of experimental grunge, side-swipe and lack of desire to take themselves or life too seriously. Their live performances are, by all accounts met with great humour and a recent split-release on Nasty Wizard Recordings, will either add to their fan-base to stop it in its tracks altogether.

As the duo acknowledge – ‘six tracks of either absolute genius or absolute rubbish’, I think they are good fun. There is an industrial squeal that winds its way through tracks, and a bass / percussion combination that bears a vague semblance of syncopation, whilst a grumbling vocal scatters lyrics.

I look forward to hearing much more by Cat Aids.

CAT AIDS & GO TSUSHIMA is available on bandcamp.

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Reykjavictim is the electro-rock creator Adam McRae originally from Canada now based in Shanghai, China.

Reykjavictim - electro-rock from China


The swhirling electronics wrap the audience in a gossamer weave as Reykjavictim deliver fusions of ’80s synth-wave and guitar progressions with vocals in both Chinese and English.

The softly spoken material pulses out of the speakers in waves of sounds that take over the brain with the synapses settling in rhythm with the resulting compositions. Languages switches mid-verse lend the pieces even more intrigue as the lyrics are delivered as almost metronomic chants.

Providing both live and recorded material Reykjavictim is establishing a foothold in the local scene after relocating eighteen months ago. This is music to play when you are wanting to wind-down and it fits the bill suitably for the moment. Whilst by the very nature of the largesse of the loops and electronics there is sense of deja-vu there is also variation within pieces to facilitate a continuum of progression.

It will be interesting to see if local cultural references infuse themselves further into the resulting out-put over the coming year and I look forward to hearing more in due course, for now I am going to put my feet up and bathe in the treatment.


Xiao Di Fang – Reykjavictim is available on iTunes*

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