The Noolands – Loosey Goosey – Audio

The Canadian funk-rock quartet The Noolands release the EP Us On A Bus on the 25th of April.

The Noolands

The Noolands

The first track to surface from the EP Loosey Goosey is a more hip dipping groove number than much of their back-catalogue, and discovers the listener digging in the cupboard to find that forgotten white fedora.

Given the liner notes of instrumentation, including a guest saxophonist, for the full five track EP (available on bandcamp) I would anticipate Us On A Bus will be a wide ranging eclectic mix of funky-rock’n’roll.

For now, having also found some white flares – I’m off to jive with Loosey Goosey.


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SUUNS – Watch You, Watch Me – Audio

The Canadian tripwave band SUUNS release the LP Felt on the 2nd of March.



In the third of the eleven tracks on the album, which is available on bandcampWatch You, Watch Me – combinations of guitar and electronica scatter like colliding positively-charged lead-ions in the CERN LHC bursting in to fleeting waves of energy which disperse in to nothingness though leaving an expanding and palpable presence.

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Scattered Clouds – 5xx – Video

The Canadian darksynth duo Scattered Clouds released the two track single 5xx on the 8th.

Scattered Clouds - photo credit - Jamie Kronick

Scattered Clouds – photo credit – Jamie Kronick

The room is filled by luxurious atmospheric waves of synth, instrumentation and shadowy vocal as Scattered Clouds deliver, in 5xx (available on bandcamp), a six minutes reveal of two distinct elements with the brooding title track being joined by the retrospective B side –  America – which minds the listener of Kraftwerk.


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Jay Draper & The Subterraneans – Scatterbrain – Audio

The Canadian electro-rock project Jay Draper & The Subterraneans released the AA side single Belly Of The Beast / Scatterbrain on the 5th.

Jay Draper & The Subterraneans - photo by Tyrone Islington

Jay Draper & The Subterraneans – photo by Tyrone Islington

Those of longer stay may recall the name Jay Draper from the band The Scarlet Fever, introduced in 2015. The other main collaborator on the project being Justin Minister from the band Amy’s Arms.

Whilst the single (available on bandcamp) is of similar style to their other projects, being combinations of natural instrumentation and synthesis, the music, perhaps unexpectedly given that the other environments being of gothic architecture, brings a slightly different soundtrack to the table.

My selection being Scatterbrain.

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United Power Soul – Peace Sign – Audio

The Canadian funk-rock outfit United Power Soul release their début LP, Moving Fast 4 U, on the 31st.

United Power Soul

United Power Soul

With roots firmly ensconced in RnB and Soul, United Power Soul take the listener on a journey of deep grooves and funky highlights through the eight track album, which is available on bandcamp.

The LP, for me, is elevated by the inclusion of the dancehall antepenultimate track – Peace Sign.


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