The Hydrothermal Vents

The Hydrothermal Vents from Montreal and Québec in Canada is the indie-dance duo of John Tielli and Tessa Kautzman.

The Hydrothermal Vents - indie-dance from Canada

The Hydrothermal Vents

An alluring softness flows out of the speakers and gently carpets the floor in a dance mat as The Hydrothermal Vents take your hand and lead you to a close-knit connectivity of footsteps. These are a duo who know how to create music with layers of cloaks and as the layers peel back so the audience becomes more engrossed in the goings-on.

The combinations of instruments and electronics enable The Hydrothermal Vents to immerse the resulting out-put with a sound that takes me to geothermal spas in Iceland with a warming underbelly of sound which is heightened by the frozen mists rising above. At one moment passionate lust swathes the room in sweating bodies the next a tender fingertip is placed to lips as the duo tease the listener with their reflective contemplation.

Just over a year into the existence with an appropriately named nine track début LP Secrets of the Deep! set for release on the 5th July The Hydrothermal Vents is a band to listen to with a partner and space to dance horizontally.

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CHAMPION LOVER from Toronto in Canada is the alt-indie quartet of Edward, James, William and Erik.

CHAMPION LOVER - alt -indie from Canada


Before heading off to ramble about CHAMPION LOVER, those of you who read the Facebook page may recall a post I made a while ago about how surprised I was that despite many thousands of bands being reviewed over the past almost five years there has never been a duplicate band name. This is the nearest I have come as only a space differentiates between the English band ChampionLover and these guys, but I digress…. CHAMPION LOVER

The sounds seem to be wrestling to get back into the speakers like a Jehovah Witness knocking on the door discovering an orgy going on inside, as the bass implodes upon itself, before finally giving up the fight and donning a gimp mask to join in with the party. The full value of CHAMPION LOVER lays in the underbelly which they expose in a darkened drone that takes over the room in a shroud of reverb which thumps off the walls like clods of sodden turf.

This is music that requires the speakers to be turned up to full volume as the mind immerses itself in the waves of understated distorted phrases which dissipate before the brain can fully ingest the flowing compositions. There is a wandering psychedelic tincture to the sound to which the brain locks, giving it a trippy feel without the ensuing headache.

A début ten track eponymous LP is set for release digitally on the 20th, followed by a must have Vinyl on the 18th of July.


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The Great Sabatini

The Great Sabatini – an alt-metal band from Montreal in Canada – is Steve (Drums / Vocals), Sean (Guitar / Vocals), Joey (Bass / Vocals) and Rob (Guitar / Vocals).

The Great Sabatini - alt-metal from Canada

The Great Sabatini

Pin back your ears and be prepared for a nerve jangling experience with The Great Sabatini. Don’t be fooled by the seeming rawness of it all, as the quartet are in-fact highly expressive and experienced musicians who prefer to avoid the accoutrements of grandeur, giving the resulting out-put a blurry quality to which the listener can immediately relate.

Whilst the music has an apparent simplicity to the ears, there is much going on within the performance and it the ease with which The Great Sabatini is able to express complexity, simply, that raises the bar and makes them a band I recommend spending some time getting to know.

Currently winding down what has been an extensive North American tour the band also find some time to get into the studio and their third LP – the ten track – Dog Years – has recently appeared on bandcamp. Well worth adding to the collection.


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Suns Of Static

Brandon Taylor (Vocals),  BiL Cassidy (Guitar),  Darrin McMillan (Bass), Jordan Bulhoes (Drums) and John Callahan (Guitar) from Kingston in Canada combine to make up Suns Of Static.

Suns Of Static - Rock from Canada

Suns Of Static

Blistering guitars burst into the room as Suns Of Static punch their way through the walls with pace and precision. A few years under their belt it is something of a surprise they are not far better known as their material is of top quality and they are doing all the right things, but such are the vagaries of the music industry.

The voluminous textures that Suns Of Static create give the listener plenty of spaces to explore as the players bounce off each other and like synchronised swimmers all seems to be in unison then suddenly a flash of inspirational leap raises the bar higher. The band delivers well structured material which whether they are in statement anthems or all out rock mode exudes an underlying thump to the ears.

A new LP came out just a few days ago – 24th May –  the eleven track – Rise – which is a magnificently crafted set of music that takes the brain through a mesmeric journey.


Rise – Suns Of Static is available on iTunes*

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Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers

Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers from Tavistock in Canada delivering alt-rock – centres around Robb Hill.

Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers - alt-rock from Canada

Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers

Delivering music both with a band and as a solo acoustic act there is much to garner with Robb Hill. Darkly rooted lyrics are matched by equally purple tinctures of sound as the material explores the anxious tautologies of life. The listener is greeted by music which immediately latches into the brain with its baleful mournfulness of passing ships in a lighthouse swept stormy channel.

The sounds of Robb Hill with or without Brave By Numbers is a soul exploring space in which to dwell as the music flows through the bloodstream in delivery that no matter how loud you turn the volume switch you just want it louder to become at one with the music.

This is an act that again, to me, demonstrates the vagaries of the music industry, as although there have been international tours, there is a sadly lacking cohesion betwixt media coverage and value to the world of music, hence you find Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers being written about here, when by rights this is music that should be far better exposed.

Given the two different vehicles which are Robb Hill – two tracks, one with Brave By Numbers the other without. You know by instinct it is the latter I find most homogeneity.


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