The Medicine Hat

The Medicine Hat is an alt-indie band from Guelph in Canada comprising the quintet of Aaron Hoffman, Elliott Gwynne, Michael Boyd, Nabi Bersche and Tyler Bersche.

The Medicine Hat - alt-indie from Canada

The Medicine Hat

Interestingly for the second time in a month I find a band who coincided a release with a relationship occasion – last time it was Crying Day Care Choir with their daughter, this time a release that came out in the summer to marry up with a – wedding and you can spot by the surnames who it was back in June that tied the nuptials, even more intriguingly both being folk derived and even more fascinating, both living in countries whose borders extend into the Arctic Circle….

….At that point the common thread breaks you will be delighted to hear, else this would not be a band review but an exploration of geographics and genetics. The Medicine Hat, yes, finally we have arrived….

A beguiling vocal that sounds akin to an icy blue figure is surrounded by equally separated instrumentation, giving the material a strangely stark context as the precursor to the evolving relationships of which The Medicine Hat concentrate. Whilst distinctive instrumentation slips into the room from the various corners, there is a cohesion that delivers music which resonates of the virtual spaces of Social Media, connected, cohesive, yet solitary and distant entities.

The keys, provide a thawing sentience to the sounds, acting like the melting and refreezing bond which creates the sculpture that is The Medicine Hat. I have had the opportunity to listen to the nine track Old Bones which came out recently to coincide with the wedding and it is delightful journey lasting just over half an hour – worth taking ownership.


Old Bones – The Medicine Hat is available on iTunes*.

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Sun Stone Revolvers

Drone-rock courtesy of Sebastian Diaz-MolaroLavien Lee and John McKinnon from Toronto in Canada who make-up Sun Stone Revolvers.

Sun Stone Revolvers - drone-rock from Canada

Sun Stone Revolvers

Humming like a rack of servers the music saws around the room in a hushed fuse of languid distortion as Sun Stone Revolvers deliver their version of the tetchy teenager monosyllables that is better known as Drone-rock. An incredibly difficult style of music to deliver successfully, as the very nature of the beast is to sound bored with it all. Being able to do that whilst capturing the attention of the audience for more than a fleeting moment is no easy task.

Sun Stone Revolvers are able to do more than that, they actually make you wish there was more to hear. Meandering guitars are displayed in a haze of frowning sound, whilst the percussion adds the grimace and to round it off, the vocal adds the petulance, yet it somehow all comes together in a fascinating mesmeric soundtrack which feeds its way into the very soul of the audience.

Time flows past uncounted as the band takes the listener on a carpet ride of psychedelic rock that plays gently with the mind. They are not straining to take the listener to the obscure edges of their imagination rather transport them on a gentle journey of space and trance, which Sun Stone Revolvers do superbly.

Their recent 10 track release Spaceship X which is available on iTunes* is a good place to get to know the band.


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Patron Saint Of Plagues

Patron Saint Of Plagues is Opi Saint (Vocals / Guitar), Dead Boy (Guitar), Robbie Graves (Bass) and Bonez (Drums) an alt-rock band from Ottowa in Canada.

Patron Saint Of Plagues - alt rock from Canada

Patron Saint Of Plagues – photo – Ray Dark

For the second time in a month I find myself in the land of theatrical rock, Patron Saint Of Plagues offering a completely different style as they play a darker edge of music than C-Types. Inside the theatrical costumes lays genuine musicianship and it is hardly surprising they have established an enthusiastic fan-base.

A crescendo of guitars and percussion hammer against the walls before dripping like a flayed and splayed scalped mask, the growling vocals crawl over the spine unnervingly  and the sounds run into the ears like an army of ants driving the brain to ever greater depths of evisceration.

Whilst Patron Saint Of Plagues deliver their songs along the thematic lines of their core entity, they are first rate songwriters and for those not aware or particularly interested in vaudevillian horror, there is plenty of thunderously delivered rock to capture the attention.

Once again good musicians demonstrate it is possible that they can really can have fun while delivering sounds which are of top quality.

As may be expected given the time of year,  Patron Saint Of Plagues released a new EP on the 1st October – the five track – Scary Tales 2.


Scary Tales 2 – EP – Patron Saint of Plagues is available on iTunes*.

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The Bootlegs

The Bootlegs is Andrew Oliver (Vocals), Brady Burke (Guitar), Elliot Hepworth (Bass) and Ben Labenski (Drums) an alt-rock band from Oakville in Canada.

The Bootlegs - alt rock from Canada

The Bootlegs – Photo by Eric Riehl

It was back in May I first came across The Bootlegs with their video for Fail To Recall and at that stage there just wasn’t enough music for a review, that has all changed as the quartet who have been around for less than a year have been working hard on creating new sounds.

As Friday morning drifts into the afternoon as I write, this music suits the wind-down period extremely well. I recall back in the late ’80s when I had a ‘real job’ when all the staff were bought a drink to consume in the office on a Friday afternoon, a tradition I subsequently continued with with my own staff with my head-hunting businesses, until I finally gave up suits in the late ’90s that wind-down and collective easing of the pressure was a real boost to everyone and The Bootlegs would have been ideal to add to the mix. That isn’t to say it is all just noises for the background, as the band weave some intriguing progressions through their material which retains the ear of the listener.

Well structured melodies are accompanied by relevance of drum / bass combinations with vocals floating in and out of the mix as the quartet lay out their gentle carpet for the audience to lay and listen.


Knock Me Down – EP – The Bootlegs is available on iTunes*

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Pröjekt F

Pröjekt F is Jonh M.Miller (Vocal), Dany Burton (Drums), William Hicks (Bass) and Simon Sayz (Guitar) an industrial rock band from Montreal in Canada. I had to double check the name of the lead singer and as far as I can tell Jonh is not a typo and neither is Dany the drummer.

Pröjekt F - industrial rock from Canada

Pröjekt F – photo credit NM Fotograph

Pröjekt F deliver their sounds like a sledgehammer, just make sure the plaster on the walls is in good condition before you turn the volume up and hit play.

Whilst they are able to deliver rumbling industrial rock, Pröjekt F, is also able to surprise with far more structured melodies which are seamed with pianoforte, but regardless of where they take the material it has a raw power that glitters like a bloodied axe scything away at the listeners head. Don’t duck as the precision and craft ensures you are in good hands and facing the whirling sounds is precisely how to enjoy this music and immensely enjoyable it is too.

This is a band you just know will have fans ramming their heads into the speakers on live performance to get the full experience. As I have already ruined my ears from decades of music listened too to loudly and suffer with tinnitus I would have little to loose by lining up at the front of the stage.

Although Pröjekt F has been around since 2006, they have only recently got round to releasing their debut LP – Skins.


Skins – Pröjekt F is available on iTunes*

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