Donny Love – Dysfunctional Lovers – Audio

The Australian funk-rock quintet Donny Love release the LP Sensation on the 4th of May.

Donny Love - Sensation - artwork

Donny Love – Sensation – artwork

Revealed a few hours ago was the fourth of the ten songs on the album – Dysfunctional Lovers – which, those of longer stay will note is of very different carving to their last feature back in 2015.

Now with an additional player as well as a stretch of instrumentation from wind, through keys, strings and percussive, Donny Love create music which has a jazzy undertow to the rock derived compositions that are able to catch and retain attention.

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Black Stone From The Sun – Smile In A Daze – Audio

The Australian grunge duo Black Stone From The Sun release the LP DREAMALYSIS on the 27th.

Black Stone From The Sun - photo credit - Shoot The Wicked Witch

Black Stone From The Sun – photo credit – Shoot The Wicked Witch

The most recent track to surface from the album (which is available via Nerve Gas) Smile In A Daze, is the follow up to Paralyzed In Dreams, which was featured in August of last year and will also be on DREAMALYSIS.

Smile In A  Daze, the antepenultimate of the dozen tracks, bumbles out of the speakers in a heap, prior to picking itself up and trudging across the floor leaving muddy footprints in its wake – what more could be required and on the basis of what I have heard from the LP – I would have no hesitation in recommending skipping through the rest of the month and doing nothing more until the 27th.

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VACATIONS – Anything Could Happen – Audio

VACATIONS is an Australian surf-rock quartet.



Their music has a retrospective hazy refrain to it which seeps through the speakers in a shimmering wave of nostalgia, though far from looking backwards in time VACATIONS write songs of the here and now and their own experiences of life.

Their most recent LP, available on bandcamp, Changes – is a ten track collection of dreamy recollection that holds the listener in warm folds of soft texture.

The opening track is Anything Could Happen.

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Massic – Torched Order – Audio

The Australian metal quintet Massic released the LP Redshift a few hours ago.



A ten track album (available on bandcamp) of darkly menacing metal that spins through the ears like a colony of bats intricately circling a cave.

Far more than thrashing the instruments and playing at breakneck speed Massic deliver music which is nuanced and thoughtful in delivery, sometimes ear-bleedingly loud other moments layered by guitars swirling around each other and taking unexpected almost subliminal pauses, creating an LP where each song offers something distinctly different, yet all drawn from a burning rage against a system which oppresses minorities and is geared towards exploitation for the betterment of those who already have too much.

My pick of the release being the fourth – Torched Order.

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MOD CON – Kidney Auction Blues – Video

MOD CON, an Australian new wave trio, release the LP Modern Convenience on the 6th of April through Poison City Records on vinyl, CD and digitally and on the 13th of April digitally elsewhere.



The ten track album ponders the parlous state of the world with a set of feisty songs that belie the fact that this, albeit all experienced musicians, is their début album as MOD CON rather than taking a branding iron to the speakers is able to sear the room with smouldering ferocity that marks this as a trio to keep a look out for and unsurprising they are already gaining traction in Australia.

I am able to share with you the antepenultimate of the songs – Kidney Auction Blues, though on release I do recommend keeping a listen out for my pick of the LP, the fourth track – Tell Me Twice.

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