The Creptter Children – Asleep With Your Devil – Video

The Australian goth-metal band The Creptter Children  are due to release the EP Asleep With Your Devil on the 12th of January 2018.

The Creptter Children - Asleep With Your Devil

The Creptter Children

The first track, of the five, to appear from the forthcoming release and title –  Asleep With Your Devil – marks out a new chapter for The Creptter Children who over the past few years have undergone considerable transition in both sound and personnel, first introduced back in 2013,  next featured last year and is a step in to a more industrial sound than their last release.

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Tapestry – Dark Shade – Video

The Australian indie-dance quintet Tapestry are finalising the details for an EP set for release in early 2018.



An expansive vocal enables Tapestry to deliver a sound which soars through an impressive and extensive vocal range set against a mellowed back drop of breezy fretboards as the effervescent drum-kit sparks energy.

From the forthcoming EP Dark Shade.

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Dark Shade – Tapestry is available on iTunes.*

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Jarface – Throw Me Away – Audio

The Australian stoner quartet Jarface released the LP Now They See on the 8th.



Best approached whilst rubbing your tympanic membrane with gravel prior to hitting play as during the ensuing a minute over three quarters of an hour of the ten track album (available on bandcamp) matters only get more stony.

The loosely strung drum skins puddle inside their own rims as the bass gnaws, like a rat, through the electric cables with the guitar sparking in and out of focus while the whisky soaked vocal draws on another cigarette prior to rasping through the speakers – how could I not recommend you add this immediately to your ‘must have playlist’.

The closer is Throw Me Away.

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Winter Witches – This Religion – Audio

The Australian melancholic-wave duo Winter Witches are finalising details of their début LP MASC which is planned for release next year.

Winter Witches - photo credit - Sam Roberts

Winter Witches – photo credit – Sam Roberts

Their music has a darkness which drapes like a soft, purple, velvet-robe around the listener.

Combinations of electronica and piano enable Winter Witches to create luscious layers of drifting sorrow from which a superlative rich vocal flows expressing of both self-imposed and outside influenced confinement in ever narrower and increasingly irrelevant silos of presentation and behaviour, with the music ultimately leading the audience to a glimmering light from thought entrapment and a world of greater cohesion and opportunity.

The two track single Unspeakable Clothes was released on the 8th, signposting of the direction of the forthcoming album. The B side is This Religion.


Unspeakable Clothes – Single – Winter Witches is available on iTunes.*

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Lycanthrope – Like A Ghost – Video

The Australian metal sextet Lycanthrope are due to release the LP Chapters on the 16th of February 2018.



Deploying three six string guitars enables Lycanthrope to deliver – brutality, melody and intricacy with none falling off the page and no matter where the speakers are turned there is a nuance to be discovered.

From the forthcoming album, ChaptersLike A Ghost.

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