Lillyè – In The End – Video

The Australian heavy-metal outfit Lillyè release the LP Evolve on the 18th of May.

Lillyè - photo by Julian Crupi

Lillyè – photo by Julian Crupi

It was back in 2015 that Lillyè last featured and the music has evolved considerably.

While still pulling roots from the raw power of heavy metal, In The End – the second of the eleven songs on the album, is a testament to a strong melodic structure and showcases a balanced mix of intensive riffs and spacious chord structures and when compared side by side reminds of a fine wine having been given room to breathe with the time in between having enabled Lillyè to develop a more complex approach to songwriting and delivery.

Evolve – Lillyè is available on iTunes.*

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Wharves – High School Hero – Single Review

The Australian new wave quartet Wharves revealed their newest single a few hours ago.



High School Hero is a rock’n’roll derived number to which Wharves have tuned up the engine to deliver a gothic steeped vocal surrounded by an unstoppable bass that has the listeners feet stamping in time within half a bar while loosely tied drum-skins sink deep inside the rims giving the track an ever darker shadow through which glorious fretwork shimmers.

In High School Hero Wharves have been able to create a track which has a natural flow and and primordial beat that seeps directly in to the audiences marrow and is one of those songs that demonstrate the power of music to infect those it touches and lift their day to a better place.


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Catholic Guilʇ – Lucky Country – Audio

The Australian sadcore duo Catholic Guilʇ released the EP Hymnbook Volume 1 on the 6th.

Catholic Guilʇ

Catholic Guilʇ

A five track release (available on bandcamp) of quizzical outlook of the world around laid to an acoustic-emo soundtrack.

The roughly twenty one minutes release keeps the listener attuned, like an attentive puppy cocking their head from side to side,  to the disparate songs which are one moment steeped in dry humour, the next heft a dour countenance in to earshot.

My selection from Hymnbook Volume 1 being the closer Lucky Country – which is their most explicit protestation of the politics of a nation of geo-politics and ‘get orf my land’ mentality – which, sadly, can be applied to far too many citizens of many of the self-entitled ‘developed countries’ around the world.


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Feels – Research – Audio

The Australian liquid-electronica duo Feels released the single Research on the 4th.



An aural representation of colours swirling in a molten mix of warm wax slips in to the room as, the tad over three minutes of, Feels (available on bandcamp) invites the listener to kick up their heels, lay back and relax in the washes of ambient-house.

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Crocodylus – My Love – Single Review

The Australian rock’n’roll trio Crocodylus released the single My Love on the 28th of March.

Crocodylus - photo by Ashley Naylor

Crocodylus – photo by Ashley Naylor

A stonkingly good track that is able to reach out of the speakers and launch the listener on to the dance-floor before the first bar has run its course. My Love (available on bandcamp) is a song that lifts the gloom of the travails of life and offers the audience an escape in to a better place and attests to a trio who have much to add to the weave of the world.

The music consists of well-balanced fuzzy smears circling around a superb percussion while filling the room with a retro-garage soundtrack which is highlighted by the unfussy delivery that has an infectious warmth and marks out a band I look forward to hearing much more of over the years.


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