Tenderhooks – All I Have – Audio

This iteration of Tenderhooks relates to the Australian mellow-rock quartet from Melbourne. Despite the many thousands of bands and musicians featured – duplicate naming, surprisingly enough, is rarely a consideration with barely a handful in total even going back to the last decade on the original site – Indie Bands Blog.

Tenderhooks - Melbourne


For some reason Tenderhooks is out on its own with this being uniquely a triplication – one also Australian (Perth) – the other from England, despite having the same name, each are very different.

Tenderhooks released their début LP, Headcase, towards the end of last month (available on bandcamp). It would be mistakenly and easily possible to dismiss the music as background pedestrian footfall on hitting play. To do so would be to miss a treat as by allowing any of the six tracks to unfurl its first few bars the listener finds themselves completely absorbed in the mystical melting compositions – my pick of which is the third – All I Have.

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The Francos – Around – Audio

The Australian alt-rock trio The Francos were introduced last year.

The Francos - photo by Madison Small Photography

The Francos – photo by Madison Small Photography

In my all too usual haphazard management of my email inbox, I managed to miss an email from them early this year and another one from last month, making this yet another apology and another article which is a day late to feature relating as it does to the EP Absolute Scenes (which is available on bandcamp) that came out on the 26th of last month.

Although it is less than a year since The Francos were introduced their music has moved on exponentially. The five tracks on the EP each take a different theme from the wardrobe allowing the trio to display an impressive range of songs while never letting the listener feel they are listening to a random anthology of material, in a release that raises the barrier which, resultingly, leaves the listener already speculating about what may or may not be on their, as yet only imagined in the minds of the audience, début LP.

Around is the penultimate track.

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HoT To RoT – Oxytocin – Audio

The Australian alt-rock trio HoT To RoT will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 17th.

HoT To RoT

HoT To RoT

The approximately nineteen minutes, six track, album takes the listener from dark gothic cellars to spikey topped fury, by way of fuzzy garage and theatrical rock – if that sounds like a familiar packaging then you are approaching the music from the right direction – though HoT To RoT are not an attempted replication of what the The Cramps were, offering as they do a starting point in the ’10s not the ‘7os thereby necessarily of very different footing and structure.

A trio to get to know and who have, in my view, much to add to the world of music.

Oxytocin is the penultimate track.

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Pacing The Cage – Your Love My Love – Audio

The Australian alt-rock quartet Pacing The Cage released the LP Intox on the 27th of July.

Pacing The Cage

Pacing The Cage

The fifth of the eleven songs on the LP Your Love My Love captures the essence of the album being caught, as it is, between the cross-hairs of indie and classic rock, delivering an uptempo thread of melodious extended guitar chords and pulsing percussion.


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regurgitator – Light Me On Fire – Audio

The Australian trippy-hop duo regurgitator will be releasing the LP HEADROXX on the 1st of August.



This will be the ninth album for an outfit who have been around since ’94 yet it is as fresh as a spring lamb frolicking in the field.

The dozen track LP (available on bandcamp) minds of a vogue fem performance with the songs being of scornful contempt for frothing nationalism in a world in which the 99% supplicate to the 1%.

regurgitator are heading out on a trans-Australia tour during August, undoubtedly well worth getting out to see if within striking distance:

Thursday 2nd August – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Friday 3rd August – The Metro Theatre, Sydney
Saturday 4th August – Servo Food Truck, Wollongong (afternoon)
Saturday 4th August – The Basement – Canberra (evening)
Sunday 5th August – SS&A Club, Albury
Thursday 9th August – Wool Exchange – Geelong
Friday 10th August -170 Russell, Melbourne
Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of August – Republic Bar, Hobart
Friday 17th August – The Gov, Adelaidee
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of August – Badlands, Perth
Friday 24th August – Kingscliff Beach Hotel, Kingscliff
Saturday 25th August – The Tivoli, Brisbane
Sunday 26th August – Solbar, Sunshine Coast

Light Me On Fire is the eighth track on HEADROXX.


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