Loose End – Jordan Street – Video

Loose Ends, an indie quintet from Melbourne (Australia) comprising Jackson Trudel (Drums), Ben Smalley (Vocals), Ben Schmidt (Guitar), Jack Smith (Bass) and Mitch Parry (Guitar) will be releasing the LP Overthinking Everything I Know on the 30th of November.

Loose End - Photo by Bree Wallace Media

Loose End – Photo by Bree Wallace Media

Mixing up their music with both indie-rock and indie-dance the quintet are able to keep a broad spectrum audience engaged with the heavy power-packed riffs and light footsteps.

The first track to surface from the LP – Jordan Street – the closer on the album was released as a standalone single on the 10th.

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As A Rival – What We Got – Audio

The quartet of Pete Cerni (Vocals / Guitar), Nathan Wheatley (Drums / Vocals), Johnny Beech (Guitar / Vocals) and Paul Trevorrow (Bass) from Melbourne (Australia) who form the indie-rock band As A Rival will be releasing the LP Griefers on the 2nd of November.

As A Rival

As A Rival

The music is a combination of radio-indie and riffs of rock that creates a collection of songs which are able to grab the attention of both audiences and keep them entertained, with sufficient gloss to engage supporters of formulaic hooks while jagged edges of unvarnished splinters retain those who like the speakers to rattle.

What We Got is the antepenultimate of the twelve songs on Griefers, which is available on bandcamp.


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Rackett – Tried To Quit – Single Review

From Sydney (Australia) – the rock quartet Rebecca CallanderAlly GavenAstrid Holz and Kat Ayala known as Rackett released the single Tried To Quit on the 3rd.



The energy can be felt swarming out of the speakers as the punchy tones of Tried To Quit soar through the room.

Unpretentious rock’n’roll always has a primordial connectivity with the listener and Rackett are deft exponents of the theory that less is more, with the audience finding themselves joining in on guitar, drum-kit and vocals even on the first run through of the new single.

Clear some space, turn up the volume and hit play…


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BLIGH – Mrs. Jones – Single Review

BLIGH, an alt-rock band from Gold Coast (Australia), is the quintet of James Martin (Bass), Luc Saint Clair (Guitar), Jaidyns Blayde (Drums), Zahra Whyte (Keys) and Elliott Baylis (Vocals) who released the single Mrs. Jones on the 27th of September.



Their smartly constructed compositions often emerge as dramatic vignettes. Mrs. Jones continues in that vein with a swing-blues one act murder mystery which displays, in full glory, their ability to create songs which disport not only musical dexterity and arrangement but also clever lyrical construct, yet can equally deliver to the audience music that is easy to engage.

A couple of years in to their journey, Mrs. Jones will, with fortune, exponentially expand the BLIGH audience.


Mrs Jones – Single – BLIGH is available on iTunes.*

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Layer Cake – Keep Me Awake – Audio

The Australian indie-dance quartet Layer Cake are currently finalising details for their début and eponymous EP, currently planned for release early next year.

Layer Cake

Layer Cake

The one and only track which is around Keep Me Awake has the listener searching the shoe-cupboard for a pair of black and white wingtips to join in with the retro-dance-steps, while grinning from ear to ear lost in the fuzzy guitar and infectious melodies.

I look forward to hearing more in short order.

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