MINOT from Oakland in the USA is the electro-rock trio of Ben Thorne (Bass), Matthew W. Solberg (Guitar / Sampling / Sequencing) and Shannon Corr (Drums / Drum Synth).



Originally formed as a duo, the band took a while to get down to basics and it wasn’t until MINOT became a trio that things moved forward. Combining instruments and electronics the out-put is resplendent in finery, with sounds that weave their way around the room in flowing sequences of sound.

The compositions are complex and can be stood listening to several times over and on each occasion new dimensions will be caught by the ears. Given the intricate nature of the pieces, it is of little surprise that releases are a little sparse, although a new LP the seven track  EQUAL / OPPOSITE is being released on at the beginning of July.

This is music which demands both time and concentration, but is a worthwhile investment of effort as MINOT create music that contains some very well constructed nuances.


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Ryan Torres (Synth / Drums / Guitar) and Rex Hudson (Guitar / Vocals / Synth) from Denton in the USA combine to form the alt electronic outfit Greenhouse.

Greenhouse - alt electronic from the USA


‘art house cinematography’ sound emerges through the speakers as Greenhouse explore with various phrases and overlay them with music that takes the listener on an aural extravaganza. The duo are able to take snatches of sounds and extrapolate a storyboard template in to which they insert synthetic and instrumental sounds to deliver an output that is steeped in visual imagery in to which the audience becomes totally focussed.

There is a subdued mute, almost an electronic version of garage rock, which forms the background of the work and the duo, by combining instruments and technology are able to produce tracks which are as unctuous as that spoon of the chocolate mixture, whilst containing a hint of the darker side of life. This mixture raises Greenhouse well above the crowd and although they have an established and loyal following, it is far smaller than the quality of the out-put deserves.

Whether you like your cocoa prepared as a warm chocolate with marshmallows and Jersey Cream or as a bitter black coffee, you will find something to attract the taste-buds.


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Despite the Scandinavian expectation by the spelling, Huunter, is a solo project by Luke Bourne from New York in The USA.

Huunter - alt rock from the USA


For the second time in a few days I find myself writing a review of a band who is releasing material on a track by track basis, on this occasion Huunter is releasing a nine track release over nine months.

With the profundity of the underlying Bass it will come as no surprise that I find this magnetic. Huunter is able to layer in a range of instruments to create the atmosphere of the sounds which billow around the room, echoing like long lost ghosts shackled in the neither-world, with a vocal that suits the mood.

Lloyd draws the listener into the music with an intoxicating mix of vocal and instrumental combinations which weave threads around ears keeping them finely tuned to the experiences on offer. There is no doubt this is creativity and exposition of the highest order.

Sadly I feel this is potentially all we will ever hear of Huunter as it has taken two years to complete the tracks and another nine months to get to hear them all. I am not sure if it is insecurity or just pursuit of perfection that leads to this drawn out process. My preference would be for Lloyd Bourne to let go a little and allow us to hear more of the creativity more frequently as the plugged in versions are sublime to the ears and I am not convinced that the acoustic versions which accompany each release add much, if any, value but then I never have been a fan of the remix and you may feel differently.

Which ever way it turns out, my thoughts, catch the music by Huunter while you can.


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