Flaming June – The Women’s Battalion – Single Review

The English celtic-folk trio Flaming June release the single The Women’s Battalion on the 8th of October.

Flaming June

Flaming June

Today is taking on the appearance of a day in which I feature musicians who have lain dormant in recording music since 2015 this being the second in succession, though on this occasion unlike BC Camplight, Flaming June have not previously featured, which is a sadness and mystery all of itself as I do highly recommend immersing yourself in their beguiling ballads, which akin to The Women’s Battalion, are available on bandcamp.

The Women’s Battalion celebrates the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act in the UK which gave women over the age of thirty who were householders the right to vote and ninety years since the Equal Franchise Act 1928 which gave both sexes equal voting rights – but enough of the history, what about the music…

A lilting composition in which percussion and guitar shine spotlight on an evocative vocal while percussion affords a country dance tempo that invites the recumbent listener to become an active participant.


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Yellow Creatures – Pressing Buttons – Video

The English dream-rock band Yellow Creatures released the LP Spectrum on the 27th of February.

Yellow Creatures - Spectrum - artwork

Yellow Creatures – Spectrum – artwork

The last of the seven tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) – Pressing Buttons – slowly eases its way out of the speakers and fills the room with a quiet, gentle, haze while the listener can feel their heart-rate slowing and stresses easing.

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Brockley Forest

Brockley Forest is the alt- rock duo of Dec and Seb from Bristol in England.

Brockley Forest alt-rock from England

Brockley Forest

The minimalism of set-up – an acoustic guitar through a distorted amp and a stripped down drum kit allows Brockley Forest to create expressive music which for it’s very rawness has an intense impact on the listener. With creative skills outside of purely music, Dec is a script writer and Seb a photographer, the two are able to capture those abilities to add value to both the visual and song-writing definition of the band.

The duo are able to to deliver music which both sonically and lyrically encapsulates the message of the tracks enabling the listener to open their ears and enjoy the creativity and ability, whilst enthusiastically looking forward to the next piece of music. A three track EP 2nd Nature is scheduled for digital release on the 2nd June along with a physical release later in the year.

Whilst an oppressive brooding sense of mystery lays throughout their material, of the five songs I have had the opportunity to hear each tells a story from a very distinctive angle and emphasis. Attesting the strength in depth that Brockley Forest possess between the two of them.

Brockley Forest is a band I both expect and want to hear much more of in the future.


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Mi Mye

Mi Mye is an alt indie band based in Wakefield England with the line-up of Jamie Lockhart (Vocals / fiddle / guitar / piano), Rob Slater (Drums) and Danual Chadwick (Bass).

Mi Mye - artwork for Sometimes Life's Cool

Mi Mye – artwork for Sometimes Life’s Cool

Having originally formed as a concept by Jamie a decade ago in Skerray in Scotland there is still a rich seam of celtic folk to be found in the material. I am given to mind of Reader’s Wives with the the wry look on the world through the eyes of the songwriters. Sporadic releases over the past few years sees Mi Mye with a new eleven track LP Sometime’s Life’s Cool being released on the 4th November and having had the opportunity to hear the new release

I can say it find the band in great form with a more rock centric sound to the LP than previous releases, that isn’t to say there are not sidesteps into the more acoustic folk foundations. Sadly I am unable to stream any of the tracks at this point, but hope to be able to rectify that in due course.

With the alternative spectrum of instruments at their disposal the band is able to deliver inflections of sounds which greatly enhance the emotional twists and turns of the music as the listener is taken on the tumultuous turmoil of anxiety and isolation. The journey travelled is wrapped in sumptuous playing and though they do occasionally add a fourth member to the line-up, the audience can’t help but be impressed by the breadth of ability the musicians possess.


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Blood Sport

Blood Sport is Alex Keegan (Guitar), Sam Parkin (Drums) and Nick Potter (Vocals) an alternative indie band based in Sheffield, England.

Blood Sport is an alt indie band from England

Blood Sport – photo credit Guy Smith

Lilting rhythms and melodies with influences of Dan Mugala and later derivations of the style of Kadongo Kamu from Uganda interspersed with reminders of Alternative TV give the music an hypnotic timbre in which tracks could become never ending hypnosis of sound and to give the material the time to flourish and develop in the listeners ears they do run pieces to over seven minutes duration, which could happy be doubled in length without loosing any interest.

The transformation of well established cohesive influences dipped in the box of existentialism provides for a triumph of experimentalism which in many ways provides a backdrop to social fracturing across much of the world today, delivering music, which in many ways due to its disparate roots is precisely of its time and an exciting commentary of the second decade of the 21st Century in the so called ‘developed world’.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that I have come across a new band taking influences from the rich seam of Ugandan music and I for one do hope this becomes a wider trend as the journey on which the brain can be taken is breathtakingly extensive.

With a new album – Life In Units – set for release on the 9th September I look forward to hearing more from Blood Sport.


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