Junior Bill – The Butetown RATS – Audio

The Wales based roots quintet Junior Bill release the live recorded LP Above Your Station on the 23rd of October.

Junior Bill - photo by Gareth Edwards

Junior Bill – photo by Gareth Edwards

Bringing a warm humour to their baleful glance at the world around Junior Bill deliver music that is steeped in ska, reggae and Latin, which is best heard in company with others as they spread a warmth through the room.

From the forthcoming album The Butetown RATS.

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Estrons – Glasgow Kisses – Single Review

The Wales based rockers Estrons released the single Glasgow Kisses on the 10th.

Estrons - Photo by Steve Glashier

Estrons – Photo by Steve Glashier

With the bitter-sweet scent of curdled milk dividing between curds and whey turning to cottage cheese in Glasgow KissEstrons deliver a feisty track that bursts through the speakers in clumping slugs of coagulate that gives the song a stop start impression in which the listener becomes immersed as the punching pulses surge in and out of the ears.

It is always a pleasure to return to the quartet who are always best heard with plenty of space in which to thrash as the music flies through the room in moody temper.

Glasgow Kisses – Estrons is available on iTunes.*

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