Northwest – Dimaryp – Video

The England based dark-synth duo Northwest are currently working on an LP due for imminent release.

Northwest - Dimaryp


Recently returned from a tour in Italy, currently playing in the UK to be followed by a European tour later in the year they also find time to step in to the studio from time to time.

Akin to the reversal of the word Dimaryp, taken from the forthcoming album, minds of Pyramide du Louvre with changes of light and viewing angle altering the apparent shape and texture, with  the track finding the listener discovering more complexity and nuances the longer they remain.

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The Franklys – Weasel – Video

The England based new-wave quartet The Franklys will be releasing the LP Are You Listening? on the 12th of May.

The Franklys - Are You Listening? - artwork

The Franklys – Are You Listening? – artwork

Within the past twenty four hours Weasel – the second of the ten tracks was made available. A thunderous fury of high energy rock punches its way through the speakers, yet the quartet are able to reign everything together giving the song a tightness that gives the just under three and a third minutes composition its powerful presence.

Are You Listening? is available on Amazon.*

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Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish is the London, England, based indie-rock quartet comprising Izaak (Guitar / Vocals), Natan (Lead Guitar), Isfand (Bass) and Arthur (Drums).

Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish

Working in a crowded genre it is always difficult to carve a discernible difference to other new bands starting out and while Rumble Fish don’t seek to move far from the anticipated they do have a sound which piques interest.

Beginning to generate a live presence they have also released a five track EP Nothing As It Seems which they have used, appropriately, to showcase the breadth of their songwriting. Be they hammering out rock driven numbers of ballad tenderness Rumble Fish demonstrate a deft capability, whilst always lurking in the background is a retro feel to the songs, giving them an unanticipated warmth.

The release of the EP can’t do anything but help them gain a wider audience along with more frequent opportunities to play live.

By way of an introduction the closer on Nothing As It SeemsAlibis.

social media page

Nothing as It Seems – EP – Rumble Fish is available on iTunes.*

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Dream Wife – Somebody – Single Review

The England based alt-rock trio Dream Wife released the single Somebody on the 7th.

Dream Wife - photo credit Ant Adams Photography

Dream Wife – photo credit Ant Adams Photography

Somebody (available on bandcamp) has an infectious undercurrent of growling pulsating rock to which Dream Wife add flowing textures of finally handled guitar that gives the track freedom of expression, allowing the vocal to draw the ideas together. Delivering a song in which the listener finds a pumping tempo to keep them on the dance-floor if so minded or equally remain seated and focus on the intoxicating melodies.

The trio of Alice, Bella and Rakel in the guise of Dream Wife is a band I look forward to hearing much more of in short order.


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Moon Panda – Lotus Light – Video

Moon Panda is an ethereal-rock duo based in England.

Moon Panda - another Louise Bichan photograph

Moon Panda – photo by Louise Bichan

Having recently moved to England, they decided to reveal an acoustic, live version of the track Lotus Light recorded on a chilly and draughty London rooftop.

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