New Year Ninety 2017 – 30 to 21

Although each year over 1 500 new bands are featured it is a fraction of the 300 plus bands a day who make an introduction and I would like to thank all musicians for doing what they do, whether in the New Year Ninety, ever featured or not – your creativity is appreciated – The New Year Ninety from 30 to 21…

Them Rumblin Bones - New Year Ninety 2017

Them Rumblin Bones

30. Hello Casanova (Northern Ireland)

I’ll Be Waiting is available on Amazon.*

29. Hidden Charms (England)

Cannonball is available on Amazon.*

28. Yes You Are (USA)

27. Temper Cartel (England)

26. Boom Child (Ireland)

25. Them Rumblin’ Bones (Australia)

Them Rumblin’ Bones is available on bandcamp

24. The Gloomies (USA)

Blackout – EP – The Gloomies is available on iTunes.*

23. Curse Of Lono (England)

22. The Cut Losses (Canada)

Lightning Dolphin – EP – The Cut Losses is available on iTunes.*

21. Sharn (New Zealand)

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Temper Cartel – Bad Influence – Single Review

The English moody-rock trio Temper Cartel release their début single Bad Influence on the 22nd.

Temper Cartel

Temper Cartel

Having played together in a previous band the trio got back together last year to form Temper Cartel. Along with this single, word has it that there are more tracks to come later in the year along with the possibility of an LP.

There is a brooding darkness that rolls into the room and the listener finds themselves wrapped in a dark-blue thick velvet cloak that fits comfortably over the shoulders. In Bad Influence, Temper Cartel, deliver thickly strung bass notes which are immediately dampened by their own weight resulting in a series of phrases that sear into the head, whilst a luxurious vocal which threads though a wide range tenor gives the track its depth of texture while the guitar is given free-reign to express the context of the track, as the percussion harnesses the various ideas and simultaneously sets the direction of travel – leaving the listener immediately hitting replay.

With only one track to write about, tempting as it is to wax-lyrical as to how I am looking forward to hearing more from them in short order I won’t – Oh I did. I hope to be able to bring you further news as it occurs.

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