Babylon K

Babylon K is an alt-rock band from Florence in Italy comprising Daniele Dainelli (Vocals), Giacomo Goffo (Guitar), Chéri (Guitar), Emanuele Bitossi (Bass / Vocals) and Jacopo Tofanelli (Drums).

Babylon K - EP (2015) - artwork

Babylon K – EP (2015) – artwork

Rather than turning the two guitars to fusillades of temper, Babylon K deploy them to deploy temperament. Hinting of stadium rock with sways toward psychedelia, the quintet, in what is a signature hallmark sound, deliver understated complex poetry which shimmers around the room in mellow mood. These are a group of musicians who allow their material the space in which to fall or succeed on its own merit without attempting any fancy tricks and to my mind are a resounding success.

The various elements of Babylon K are each given run-out time in each track to allow the listener to follow their favoured noise-maker unhindered by having to stretch to find, yet despite the free-flowing loose ties, it all comes together in a glory of cohesive sound.

There is much to enjoy in the catalogue of material, which dates back a couple of years and it is of no surprise they have a burgeoning live performance diary.

Well worth brushing off for a quiet evening with a known gathering.

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EP (2015) is available on bandcamp.

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