B.M.C. Big Mountain County

B.M.C. Big Mountain County from Rome in Italy is the rock ‘n’ roll outfit of Alessandro Montemagno (Vocal / Guitar), Francesco Conte (Guitar / Keyboards), Bruno Mirabella (Drums) and Wolfman Bob (Bass).

Big Mountain County rock 'n' roll from Italy

B.M.C. Big Mountain County

Travelling across much of Europe with their brand of dirty rock there is nothing to do other than join in the steps on hitting play and it is of little surprise that the Big Mountain County touring schedule is as wide spread and well received. Whilst they are not seeking to redefine the world, the earthy nature of the sounds gives the music an added appeal, to what is already a pared back and natural genre.

Big Mountain County produce music to smile with and enjoy as much as they evidently enjoy playing. Whilst keeping the music flowing freely, the quartet do have some tricks up their sleeve, as they introduce both electronics and garage fuzz to the music that marks it out as having significant added value.

Formed a couple of years ago they have three releases behind them, the latest a live recording made in Sarajevo, which is a treat for those of us who haven’t yet had the opportunity to see Big Mountain County in performance.

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