Lola Colt

Lola Colt from London in England is the psychedelic rock sextet of Gun O., Matt L., Martin S., James H., Kitty A. and Sinah B..

Lola Colt - photo by Neil Anderson

Lola Colt – photo by Neil Anderson

Burrowing into the room like a mole shovelling aside earth Lola Colt rumble the foundations in a darkly tempered fusion of fuzz guitars and soaring electronica, with tinctures of Indian subcontinental traditions, grabbing the immediate attention of the audience. It would not be mendacious to draw comparatives with others – from the iconic vocals, to the pulsating bass, but to do so would be to detract from the resulting out-put.

The moody presence of Lola Colt entrances the listener as the slow tempo allows the sextet to build the atmosphere of the compositions, which in turn allows the ears to fleeting capture the myriad of layers and textures which are delivered and immediately hit replay to explore the sounds in greater detail. Whilst tracks contain complexity and many channels of exploration the sextet have been able to distil the core of each piece for ease of listening and the brain isn’t overloaded with confusion, but has plenty to go back and further investigate.

Lola Colt have rapidly developed into a must see band and their forthcoming LP – Away From The Water – which is set for release on the 27th October can only add a wider following.


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