Valerio Lysander – The Prince – Audio

The England based avant-garde creator Valerio Lysander released the LP We Are Like Coloured Moths Towards The Sunlight on the 21st.

Valerio Lysander - photo by Barry Locke Music

Valerio Lysander – photo by Barry Locke Music

Akin to taking a seat in a theatre to watch a play, so it is best to approach the bakers dozen album, which is available on bandcamp, as the approximately fifty three minutes performance performs its tale.

The tracks range through quiet soliloquies to broadside compositions which invite the audience to add their own imageboards.

The fifth song is the lilting melody of The Prince.

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Ed Pastorini – Loss – Audio

The US avant-garde creator Ed Pastorini released the LP Strange Lures on the 27th of March.

Ed Pastorini

Ed Pastorini

Strange Lures is a roughly forty eight minutes, fifteen track, release (available on bandcamp) of haunting piano led twists and turns that once the audience starts the journey finds themselves becoming ever more drawn in to listening more avidly to the tortured twists and turns of the album.

Serving as an introduction to an LP I do recommend getting to know, one of the more readily accessible pieces is the fifth composition – Loss.

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The Bowling Alley Sound – Alabama Dissonance – Single Review

The Bowling Alley Sound is an avant-garde quintet from the USA.

The Bowling Alley Sound

The Bowling Alley Sound

Today is taking the shape of one in which my inept administration is on full display as once again – this is something that has been languishing in my email inbox for well over a week.

Prior to hitting play suspend all concepts of expected song structure and allow yourself the time to empty the mind of thoughts of natural breaks as the just under nine minutes of their latest single – Alabama Dissonance (available on bandcamp), is a continuum which spins in to an axis of buffeting side impacting interventions in a composition that was inspired by travelling down a motorway in the dark of night, under a violent thunderstorm with limited visibility due the intensity of rainfall with articulated lorries hurtling past and blinding lighting and roaring claps of thunder adding to the disorientation, yet with a consistent undercurrent, representative of the motion of a car serenely progressing down the road regardless of outside unquiet.


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ZERRIN – Strange Wasteland – Single Review

ZERRIN is an avant-garde project from Australia.



There is a luscious darkness to the undertow of the latest track to surface – Strange Wasteland – as the stunning vocals soar through the room to the surrounding compression and expansion of keys and strings which enmesh the listener in barbed wire in a composition that reflects on the detritus that soils the globe, whilst others spout glib words pretexting of ‘environmental concerns’.

ZERRIN, in Strange Wastelands, offers both a challenge and invective that casts scathing pall through the room in an aural descriptor of the reality of good intent and lax personal responsibility.

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Molino – Gangly Limbs – Audio

Molino is an avant-garde septet from the Netherlands.

Molino - Photo credit - Atsushi Yukutake

Molino – Photo credit – Atsushi Yukutake

Their latest track to surface – Gangly Limbs – by title alone explains with some clarity the conceptual ideas of Molino.

Swathed in free-form jazz and maths rock influences the collection of five wind instruments, both brass and reed, accompanied by drums, synths, odds & ends and voice gives the septet a distinctive sound that akin to Marmite will have you either recoiling or dipping in for another slice of buttered toast and yeast extract, the fact I am suggesting you spend part of your day listening to them, indicates that not only do I like Marmite, I also like the music.


Gangly Limbs – Single – Molino is available on iTunes.*

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