At Pavillon – Lions – Video

The quartet of Paul Majdzadeh-Ameli (Drums), Tobias Kobl (Bass), Bernhard Melchart (Lead Guitar) and Mwita Mataro (Rhythm Guitar / Lead Vocals) from Vienna in Austria, form the indie-funk band At Pavillon.

At Pavillon - photo credit - Marius Mammerler

At Pavillon – photo credit – Marius Mammerler

Their latest release – the single Lion which is packaged together with four remixes – showcases a band with the ability to combine a rock basement with a glittering funky tempo to deliver music that has the listener furiously strumming air guitar while stepping out in gold and silver brocaded white flares.


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Dramas – Libra – Audio

The Austrian etherealwave duo Dramas will be releasing the three track single Libra on the 1st of June with a release show on the 5th at Fluc und Fluc Wanne in Vienna.

Dramas - photo © Patricia Weisskirchner

Dramas – photo © Patricia Weisskirchner

Unlike the band name the first song to appear from what is their début single (available on bandcamp), which is the title track and first of the three, Libra is not full of dramas – though it is most certainly dramatic in architecture.

There is a weightlessness to the vocal which counterbalances the more forceful pianoforte generating a song which entices the listener to cloak themselves in the dreamy spirals of unhurried synthesis which drift through the ears. The hypnotic vocal captivates the mind with its unassuming beauty as the piano forms a beguiling melancholia in a cohesion of elements which the audience merely wishes on its conclusion, almost four and a half minutes later, continued to linger longer.


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From Linz in Austria – Tom (Guitar / Vocal), Kevin (Bass) and Michi (Drums) got together to form the rock band Phobos.

Phobos - Foto Christian L. © 2014

Phobos – Foto Christian L. © 2014

Like an ill-tempered Rottweiler, Phobos send growls of sound around the room in a continual snarl. Rumbunctious bass lines gouge through the walls, whilst guitar holds a melodic grumpiness that tethers the trio together as the vocal swelters in its own gravely discourse. To me the highlight is the drum kit that lays to waste all before it in superbly delivered story-telling flowing from out-right forment, to flicking snake-tongue, giving the tracks their finesse, which raises the whole out-put of band from – here is another rock band, to here is Phobos and well worth spending time to get to know.

Formed back in 2011, from a concept conceived in 2009, for reasons I have been unable to fathom development has been slow, with the first EP Bad Seed (which is available on bandcamp) not arriving until 2014. One can only hope it doesn’t take until 2017 for a follow-up as they have much to add to the world of music. Currently seeking to raise frequency of live performance, this on its own should raise awareness locally, though the music equally has the potential to travel around the globe.

I look forward to Phobos becoming a fixture, rather than an occasionally occurring filament.

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Siren Call

Siren Call from Vienna in Austria is the rock trio of Yvonne Lace (Vocals / Bass), Jason de Cordoba (Guitar / Vocals) and Szabó Gábor (Drums).

Siren Call - rock from Vienna

Siren Call

Rock, when delivered well, is a place of pure exuberance and extrovert guitars and Siren Call deliver on all counts. With sounds that transcend all geographic borders the trio have enough tatters to the edges to remain connected with the audience, with expansive compositions that fill the room.

The grunt and gruff are a delight as the band produces music which has the ability to shine across large venues. The guitar is given room, where appropriate to blossom, whilst a percussion / bass combination hold a reign on the wanderings and a perfectly suited vocal captivates the attention. Although well established as an international touring act, Siren Call have developed much of their following through live performance, which is great. For those of us not in the local environs, they have made little available and I hope they will get round to balancing this anomaly as they have much to offer, if only we could hear it.


Comfort Zone – Single – Siren Call is available on iTunes*

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