Mariah McCarthy – Counting Sheep – Single Review

Mariah McCarthy is an Australian beguiling-folk creator.

Mariah McCarthy

Mariah McCarthy

Much as I enjoy and feature music to which I can pogo around the room, banging my shins and toppling desks along the way and as regular readers know being a punk rocker from the ’70s inevitably my turf – it is only occasionally one can turn on music and fall in instant love.

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? I have no idea – but I do know once every year or so – up pops a song with an auditory flow which instantly melts my heart and Counting Sheep – a début solo release taboot – by Mariah McCarthy – is one of those instances.


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Merpire – Hauntways – Audio

The Australian dream-synth project Merpire is currently working towards the release of an EP.



As  a taster the single Hauntways was released today (available on bandcamp) – a song which holds, simultaneously, both a dreamy soundscape whilst also a tender fragility in which the listener becomes softly robed in the multilayered melodies.


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Vapur – Orpheus – Audio

The Australian IDM project of Joseph Nizeti – Vapur – released the EP Magnavox on the 14th.

Vapur - artwork by Brontë Hock - photo by Jack Saltmiras

Vapur – artwork by Brontë Hock – photo by Jack Saltmiras

The four track, approximately thirteen minutes, EP slides gently out of the speakers prior to building complex polyhedrons which rapidly dissolve and dissipate through the room in intricate patterns and fragile layers which degrade slowly in to silence while simultaneously the ensuing phrases undergo similar transformation.

The opening composition is Orpheus.

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Robbie Maroon – When – Audio

The Australian mellow-rock creator Robbie Maroon revealed the LP Dream Factory Volume 1 on the 30th of December.

Robbie Maroon

Robbie Maroon

Dream Factory Volume 1 is an eclectic mix of a dozen songs of easy to engage music in which, like a pick ‘n’ mix bag of sweets, the listener will discover a different flavour with each track.

Instrumentation used in various combinations include, piano, electronica, synthesiser, guitar and drum with vocal feeding through the textures.

My pick of the release being the guitar led closer – When.

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Ange Takats & Buddy Peace – Ballerina – Audio

Ange Takats & Buddy Peace are a Thailand based, Australian alt-folk creator and an English, Laos based beats creator respectively.

Ange Takats & Buddy Peace

Ange Takats & Buddy Peace

Having met in Laos they decided to work together and the result is the EP Riverside Rearview which came out earlier this month and is available on bandcamp.

An absorbing five track, approximately eighteen minutes, collection of songs which combine samples, acoustic guitar and an expressive vocal.

The second track Ballerina being my pick of the release.

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