Phia – Oxide – Audio

The Germany based Australian synthwave creator Phia releases the EP The Woman Who Counted the Stars on the 29th.

Phia - The Woman Who Counted Stars - artwork

Phia – The Woman Who Counted Stars – artwork

The ethereal soundtrack of Oxide, from the forthcoming release, immediately holds the attention as analogue synths and fuzzy guitar drift across the room through which the vocal peers through the rising mist. Whilst there is much activity in there is an unhurried dreamy spaciousness to the song.

A month long tour around England, Germany and Austria commences on the 14th, with five dates in Australia starting on the 30th of November.


The Woman Who Counted the Stars – EP – Phia is available on iTunes.*

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Jen Cloher – Shoegazers – Audio

The Australian rocker Jen Cloher released the eponymous album on the 11th.

Jen Cloher - Photo by Tajette O'Halloran

Jen Cloher – Photo by Tajette O’Halloran

An eleven track album (available on bandcamp) that injects itself in to the veins as the multi-textured songs appear in the room.

An LP that reflects on self-analysis of personal relationships, the cultural conservatism of much of Australia and wider political thought which holds the audience transfixed from start to end of the roughly fifty one minutes run time.

The fifth track is Shoegazers.


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Shyguy – Had It I’m Hiding – Video

The Australian dreamwave creator Shyguy is currently finalising details for an EP.



From the forthcoming release Had It I’m Hiding is a shadowy track that holds references to derivations of rock which are couched in a dreamy-electronic flow which is steeped in a melancholic soundtrack.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill – the music ‘… is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key…’. and therein lays the allure of Had It I’m Hiding.

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Clifford Carpenter – Work – Audio

The Australian dark-hop creator Clifford Carpenter releases the LP Trust in September.

Clifford Carpenter - Photo by Jonno Révanche

Clifford Carpenter – Photo by Jonno Révanche

With an eye to societal malaise the music created by Clifford Carpenter isn’t intended to be an easy ride, rather, pointed commentary on the realities be they self-inflicted, unavoidable circumstance or imposed of 21st Century life for far too many around the world.

In advance of the album Work was released as a stand alone single on the 21st and is available on bandcamp.

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Alex Cameron – Candy May – Audio

The Australian melancholic-rocker Alex Cameron releases the LP Forced Witness on the 8th of September.

Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which contemplates, in damning indictment, of a world where far too many want to merely capture things to share with their disconnected silos of connectivity in pursuit of ‘likes’ of what they are witnessing, rather than becoming involved in anything at all other than a passive commentator of dissociation whilst bemoaning of their own self-perceived undeserved paucity of life.

The first track to surface and the opener on Forced Witness is Candy May.


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