Grim Tilla – Eucalypt Ghost – Audio

The Australian desert-blues creator Grim Tilla released the EP Might Be Something on the 29th of June.

Grim Tilla - Photo Credit - Cristina Bevilacqua

Grim Tilla – Photo Credit – Cristina Bevilacqua

A five track release (available on bandcamp) that drifts through the room in quiet perambulation as the roughly twenty three minutes EP captures a primordial connection with the listener, which holds them steadfast in the wistfully melancholic compositions.

My selection from Might Be Something being the hypnotic closer Eucalypt Ghost.

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Sketti Tangles – The Long Way Down – Single Review

The Australian gazewave project Sketti Tangles released the single The Long Way Down on the 29th of June.

Sketti Tangles

Sketti Tangles

With a back catalogue of material which is has seen frequent changes of shapes in sound The Long Way Down continues with the heritage in a track which is tinted with hazy cinematography.

The slowly paced composition gradually uncurls its breadth of both natural and synthesised instrumentation,through which the distanced vocal weaves its tempting trail, leaving the listener with a tranquil mind as though having undertaken a half an hour meditation rather than a little less than three and a quarter minutes of aural massage.

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The Long Way Down – Sketti Tangles is available on iTunes.*

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Clawmachine – Psyche – Audio

The Australian funkwave project, centred around Dylan Lindquist – Clawmachine revealed the EP Good Harvest on the 28th of May.



A five track EP of feathered darts which slides meanders around the room akin to a paper aeroplane finding unexpected thermals to lift its flight.

Never challenging the listener to do more than rest in comfort, the music nonetheless doesn’t lay as pastel wallpaper on the wall with its dexterous movements and undulations.

Not necessarily something to pull out on daily basis, rather to imbibe along with a glass of brandy moment while contemplating that all in life is not too bad whilst allowing the synths, instrumentation and vocal to add to the bouquet.

The closing song is Psyche, featuring the voice of Whitney Veitch.


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Peacebone – Cold Fish – Audio

The Australian nowave project Peacebone revealed the début LP – Bruised – on the 28th of May.



The lofi production affords the the six songs (available on bandcamp) a soft filter through which to settle on the ear, akin to pollen floating on to the arm.

Without resulting in disturbance the music adds a noticeable difference as the tracks ease aside the pressure waves to gently swarm around the listener and the closing chapter of the toughly twenty minutes release the listener finds themselves of different and more rested locus.

By way of an introduction – the antepenultimate composition is Cold Fish.

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Sofia Torchia – Shut Your Mouth – Single Review

Sofia Torchia is an electronica-weave creator from Australia.

Sofia Torchia

Sofia Torchia

Within the past day the latest track Shut Your Mouth surfaced from the ether.

Whilst far off the bones of normal fulcrum of music featured, this is one of those moments which do occur from time to time, when it makes some sense to dip a toe in to territory far outside normal landscape as music is not just that which immediately resonates, but music which challenges ones own perceptions and even despite myself I was allured by the intoxicating flow of the vocals.

Of normal course of events far too far in to the main stream for feature, nonetheless underneath the pristine layering there lays a voice which fully deserves wider space and although I may not be tempted to tread back in to the waters for a while, I wish Sofia every success in the journey of the travails of the music industry in recognition of a singular voice which hypnotises all those it befalls and deserving of far wider recognition.


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