The Montreals – Rude – Single Review

Stefan (Vocals / Guitar), Angus (Vocals / Guitar), Lachy Billows (Bass) and Graham (Drums) from Adelaide (Australia) who form the indie-dance band The Montreals released the single Rude on the 30th of November.

The Montreals
The Montreals

Opening with a hum of synthesises the track immediately creates a warm flow of air that drifts through the room with an ease of footstep, generating a relaxed ambience through the mind.

Soon skipping up in pace as the full sound floats in to the ears the tautly strung drums enables the beat to spark brightly through the song while the mellowed instrumentation creates the feel-good mood of the composition while a distinctive vocal rounds out Rude to form a track that has a subtly infectious and hypnotic quality.

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Drunk Mums – Order From Chaos – Audio

It was back in 2013 that the Australian new wave quartet Drunk Mums were introduced and last featured – tomorrow they release the LP Urban Cowboy.

Drunk Mums - photo by @photoyunist

Drunk Mums – photo by @photoyunist

Even on recording it is discernible that Drunk Mums is a band to get to see live as the ten crumpled tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) come staggering in to the room borne on slurred guitar, which even after faffing around with multi-tracking and mastering can’t disguise the earthy, infectious, energy of the quartet.

The roughly thirty six minutes (over seven and a half minutes of which is contained in the closing song Ripper, with most songs reaching conclusion well within three minutes) LP merely asks the listener to clear space, turn up the volume and pogo to the blues-fused garage rock’n’roll.

My pick of the release being the third – Order From Chaos.

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Stalking Like Candy – Cause Yr Like Me – Audio

Jamie Q (Vocals / Guitar), Thida (Vocals/  Guitar), Gabe (Bass), Lachie (Drums), from Sydney (Australia) who form the melting-rock band  Stalking Like Candy release the LP Punctronika on the 23rd.

Stalking Like Candy

Stalking Like Candy

A scintillating dreamy cinemascope of sounds sweep through the room as their latest track Cause Yr Like Me, which was revealed less than a handful of hours ago, glides through the speakers.

Melting harmonies combine with twisting instrumentation to deliver a track that melts in to soft scoops of warmed chocolate mixed with whipped egg whites and the listener finds themselves sinking softly in the to luxurious mousse.

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The Ians – Gold Teeth – Single Review

The trio of Nic (Vocals / Guitar), Matt (Bass / Vocals) and Sean (Drums) who form the garage band The Ians, based in Melbourne (Australia), released the single Gold Teeth on the 26th.

The Ians

The Ians

If there were a handbook on how to define less is more Gold Teeth would be the primary entry with its laid bare stomping energy thumping through the speakers.

Two minutes and fifty six seconds of sublime rock’n’roll from which everything extraneous has been stripped. The listener finds themselves with a pumping heart, punching the air while leaping around the room in sweat covered delight, I am just off to play that again… .

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Gold Teeth – Single – The Ians is available on iTunes.*

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The Francos – Back To Basics – Single Review

The Australian alt-rock trio The Francos revealed their latest track on the 26th.

The Francos - photo by Madison Small

The Francos – photo by Madison Small

Over time their music has developed in emotional intensity and the newest song Back To Basics, for me, is an exponential step in their progress.

A song which would have fitted squarely in to the Factory Records stable with its harmonics and low slung pace that delivers a palpable sadness which can be felt wiping away its own tear-stains as it emerges from the speakers, yet, in common with the best in melancholia there is an immersive beauty that lays within from which the listener has only a desire to linger for longer and allow themselves to be bathed in the soft glow of the stretched minor chords.

Back to Basics – The Francos is available on iTunes.*

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