YATES – It’s Over Now – Audio

YATES is an Australian electro-dance creator.



With thanks to a new writer on the site – Jelena – who is currently studying at University and has kindly offered to share some of her thoughts on music.

Australian singer/songwriter YATES is celebrating his string of national dates supporting Tora with an eccentric remake of ‘It’s Over Now.’ The strong vocals and resonant beats make this song one to remember. With support from KCRW, Triple J, and over 2 million fans on Spotify, I have no doubt this song is gonna hit big.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

It’s Over Now – Single – Yates is available on iTunes.*

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AustraliA – The Very Truth – Video

The Italian electro-garage duo AustraliA released the EP The Very Truth on the 22nd.

AustraliA - The Very Truth - artwork

AustraliA – The Very Truth – artwork

Last featured back in 2013 AustraliA retain the fuzzy sounds which they have honed, now, with more compacted delivery. Though as the title track displays, AustraliA, are unafraid to throw in some envelope stretching ideas to keep the audience alert.

The highly distorted vocal and instrumentation are overlayed with sweeping synths that give the topsy-turvy The Very Truth an immediate need for replay. I hope it doesn’t take me another three years to get back to AustraliA.

The Very Truth is available through diNotte Records.

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AustraliA from Pisa in Italy is the garage rock duo of Olga (Drums / Bass / Synth) and Chicano (Vocals / Guitar).

AustraliA - Garage Rock from Italy


AustraliA seemed like a great dropping off point with their lo-fi reproductions and highly fuzzed output which has an underlying spinal chord that thrashes around like a dying crocodile. This is music in which to wallow and roll around in the mud such are the sparks flying out of the speakers.

Material such as this relies completely on the credibility of the performance as the technical ability is the equivalent of ‘three chords form band’ and as you well know, did I not think it was worth your time I wouldn’t have asked you to spare the time, this is an absolute delight of basal musicianship given a fillip through pure exuberance and for that very reason it engages the listener in a flurry of activity that phases across the ears like an video recorder pause button. There is something surreal that you just have to get to grips with it and I am wreathed in smiles as I listen to their launch release Robot.

Sometimes music, when pared back to basics, then distorted is just the ticket and AustraliA is a duo who deliver sounds which perfectly hit the spot with a lesson to teach many who just ‘try too hard’ loosing the freshness and honesty of it all. Whether there is a career as a duo I have my doubts, as the players have too much to do to make it a coherent stage performance, but add a couple of new faces of the same mindset and there is great potential for a highly charged live performance band.


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David Rovics – the banned PRISM tour

David Rovics, who readers of the site will recall is a singer who takes a sharp angle on political issues around the world. I had the opportunity to catch up with him half an hour ago on a Skype interview while he languishes in a hotel in Narita Airport.

David Rovics - a musician from the USA

David Rovics

He talks about possible reasons for New Zealand not allowing him entry and the latest news on the Australian leg of the twelve country tour. David will be performing via skype at The Free House in Nelson in New Zealand this evening.

While he has been hanging around in a hotel David Rovics created a new song – Spies Are Reading My Blog.


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