Snapped Ankles – Drink And Glide – Audio

AustinZampiroloChestnutt and March from Epping (England) who form the artwave band Snapped Ankles will be releasing the LP Stunning Luxury on the 1st of March 2019.

Snapped Ankles

Snapped Ankles

While waiting for the new album their back-catalogue of garage derived spacey electro, available on bandcamp as is the new album, is well worth investing the time to get to know their music.

From the forthcoming ten track LP the penultimate song is Drink And Glide.


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Inflatable Best Friend

Inflatable Best Friend from Kalamazoo in the USA is the garage rock trio of Austin (Bass) Ian (Drums) and Tanner (Guitar / Vocal).

Inflatable Best Friend - image - Dwayne Hoover

Inflatable Best Friend – image – Dwayne Hoover

A hurling fuzzed bass fuses the speakers as Inflatable Best Friend put a psychedelic twist to new wave rock. The percussion relentlessly hammers out an unforgiving pace, whilst the guitar trips out in the corner as the vocal keeps the mixture together. It is the lo-fi unpretentious flippancy with which the trio approach the music that gives it the impressive resonance it holds.

Well received on the touring circuit Inflatable Best Friend is able to take the raw power into the studio to allow those who don’t have the opportunity to see them live to get the feeling they are present.  A recent ten track LP Ectoplasmic Puke Wizard looks set to to have a follow-up in short order as the trio are soon to head back in to the studio.

Established for a few years now Inflatable Best Friend have gained confidence in their idiosyncratic space in the world of music and long may they keep carving out their own room.

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