Foresteater – High And Bright – Audio

Foresteater is the project of the naïve-rock songwriter Michael J. Protocollo from the USA.



The one and only track around is High And Bright, which meanders around the room in strutting stance, which for its very aloofness captivates the mind.

Simply laid chords are furrowed by easy to engage percussion and vocal. It is due to the trusting simplicity of it all that the audience is entranced by the material as it lacks any cynicism and one can only hope that Foresteater continues this refrain of accessible innocence, as sometimes being coddled is all that is needed.


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Here We Harbour – Silent Cities – Audio

Here We Harbour, an alt-indie band from the USA, are set to release their début EP – Arrivals on the 13th.

Here We Harbour

Here We Harbour

Silent Cities, the last of the five tracks on Arrival takes listener on a journey that takes in Metal, US Indie, classic rock and melody in an almost four minute number. Here We Harbour don’t attempt to merge the changes one into the other, rather making each step a sharp definition and rather than this sounding like a series of unrelated chapters, they maintain a theme through the track that ensures the completed work makes for a song that is understandable and as importantly enjoyable.

As regular readers know I am not a great fan of the high-pitched screechy vocal that is associated with much of US indie, which doesn’t mean you won’t be either, but there is far more than that to the voice as it switches through tempo changes from melodious sympathy to venting spleen.

I have had a chance to listen to a couple of tracks on Arrivals, both offering a punchy core along with transitional movement and judging by those two Here We Harbour have something to say that is worth making time to hear and wish them every success with the EP.


Arrivals – EP – Here We Harbour is available on iTunes.*

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BOPEK – Paraiso – Audio

BOPEK is an experimental-rock quartet from the Philippines.



With only a couple of tracks to hear, the latest by BOPEK – Paraiso came to light within the past twenty-four hours.

The opening of drum roll and vocal is merely a screen for the complex experimentalism of the five and a half minutes of Paraiso. Elements of dampened maths-jazz strings are blended with extensively delayed and reverbed guitar as BOPEK gradually unfurl their ideas, which are not designed to make life easy, though they do provide a helping hand to bring the listener along with them.

There can be little doubt Paraiso is a Marmite track as you will either be enthralled by the developing sound-scape, which I am, or recoil in abject despair. Either way you will be left dumbstruck. As regular readers will know, I am a Marmite fan else I wouldn’t have asked you to spend the time to consider BOPEK – for those not in the UK – a search will explain the obscure reference to Marmite and polar opposite reactions, so – I pass my thanks to Anna for dropping me the introduction.

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Redanda – Full Flux – Audio

The Canadian alt-rock band Redanda released the EP Mood For Thought last month.

Redanda - photo by @rhonnie cockshutt

Redanda – photo by @rhonnie cockshutt

Redanda have moved a long way from when first introduced in 2012 as the unchanged line-up have developed their music style and Full Flux, the last of the five tracks on Mood For Thought (which is available on bandcamp) exemplifies their journey.

Reveberating guitars confidently mark out the pace to be joined by an intricate percussion as an expressive vocal blends itself into a stanza. Redanda provide the audience with an approaching five and a half minutes extravaganza of sounds that fracture into the brain. Gradually building towards distortions of cymbals and wailing guitar, which are gently laid bare to expose the softer bass driven underbelly of Full Flux.

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Vimes – Kyra – Audio

The German synth-wave duo Vimes will release the LP Nights In Limbo on the 12th of February 2016.

Vimes - Kyra


The sound of Vimes has become warmer since their introduction back in 2012, alongside which a third member joins them as drummer when performing live.

Kyra, which is the antepenultimate of the thirteen tracks , slides gently into the room as the billowing clouds take over the spaces in a calmly delivered piece which features an ever expanding and collapsing refrain, giving it a feeling of undulating movement that the listener can feel enrapturing the mind.

Running to over seven minutes, Vimes breaks Kyra into chapters, which makes digestion easier and maintains the focus as  the music wends its way around the head.

Nights in Limbo – VIMES is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.