Kuh-Lida – High Adventure – Audio

Kuh-Lida of the Los Angeles music collective Stereocure has a new release out called High Adventure.

Kuh-Lida - High Adventure

Kuh-Lida – High Adventure

Out as both a digital and cassette release the two track release which runs at approaching half an hour is more a collage than a musical composition as Myles Emmons brings together a disparate range of sounds to create an image that can be seen in full on its conclusion.

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RÁJ – Ghost – Audio

RÁJ a musician who prefers to remain in the background and let the music do the talking has just released a new audio track Ghost.

RÁJ - Ghost

RÁJ – Ghost

Although the track extends for only four minutes, but in that time is able to take the listener through a range of emotions as Ghost builds its different textures.

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Crushing Blows – Dream On Dream Off – Audio

Crushing Blows who were introduced in September 2012 have  a new release, Unknown Animal, Dream On / Dream Off, a double A side coming out on the 7th October.

Crushing Blows

Crushing Blows

Here is Dream On / Dream Off in audio format.

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The Imaginary Suitcase – It Is He – Audio

The Imaginary Suitcase is a vehicle for Laurant Leemans of Ceilí Moss the Belgian Indie Folk band I reviewed in May 2011 to express more austere and personal material.

The Imaginary Suitcase - Full Moon Fever - LP Cover

The Imaginary Suitcase – Full Moon Fever – LP Cover

As with the grandmaster of introspection, Leonard Cohen, to get the best of The Imaginary Suitcase, turn up the volume a little and leave the room allowing the music to echo and reverberate around corners and doors before reaching your ears.

A new LP the eleven track Full Moon Fever was released on 1st September and here is number nine on the release It Is He.


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Frankie Rose – Street Of Dreams – Audio

Frankie Rose from the USA is set for the release of her third LP Herein Wild on the 24th September.

Frankie Rose - photo by - Sebastian Mlynarski

Frankie Rose – photo by – Sebastian Mlynarski

I rarely have much truck with cover versions as you know, but when the original is by The Damned, who as regular readers will be well aware is an out-fit for whom I have much time, I am able to break the habit of a life-time. Street Of Dreams is taken from the LP.

Street Of Dreams is available on Amazon*.

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