Boostereo & Mivase – Yellow Room – Audio

Boostereo & Mivase are two progressive house producers from Russia who released a new single last week…



Yellow Room.

Boostereo social media page

Yellow Room – Single – Boostereo & Mivase is available on iTunes.*

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The Russian White – El Coma – Audio

The darkwave band from the USA – The Russian White was a solo project when introduced last year – now a duo with additional contributions as required.

The Russian White - eponymous LP - Cassette

The Russian White – eponymous LP – Cassette

Released on the 30th June was their début eponymous LP, which is available on bandcamp. Track five of the ten is El Coma.

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The Cambodian Space Project – It’s Not Easy Rock’n’Roll – Audio

The Cambodian psychedelic R&B surf band The Cambodian Space Project were first introduced in 2012.

The Cambodian Space Project

The Cambodian Space Project

There is little point in having ‘Editorial Guidelines’ if the Editor can’t break them from time to time. As a result of those ‘publishing no-nos’ – re-releases are never reprised, particularly when the LP in question Not Easy Rock ‘n’ Roll has already been reviewed, that also in 2012.

However – a reworking of It’s Not Easy Rock’n’Roll has surfaced in the past few days.

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