Michael Padilla – Crossing East – Audio

Michael Padilla an ambient electronics creator from the USA releases the EP Atmospheres (Ambient Works Volume 1) in January 2016 through Fruits de Mer Records on limited edition coloured vinyl and CD.

Michael Padilla - Atmospheres (Ambient Works Volume 1) - LP

Michael Padilla – Atmospheres (Ambient Works Volume 1) – LP

Those of longer stay will recall Michael Padilla from the psychedelic rock band Soft Bombs reviewed in December 2013 and it is always of interest to hear other projects, particularly when very different, that musicians featured pursue.

Crossing East is the second of the four tracks on the forty minute Atmospheres (Ambient Works Volume 1).

Atmospheres (Ambient Works Volume 1) is available directly from Fruits de Mer Records.

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Jimmy & The Revolvers – The Morning Paper – Audio

The Merseybeat quartet Jimmy & The Revolvers, from England, were introduced last year.

Jimmy & The Revolvers - The Morning Paper

Jimmy & The Revolvers

Their latest track The Morning Paper, which was made available yesterday and due for official release on the 23rd of November, is a piece that finds Jimmy & The Revolvers in full reflective glory.

The Morning Paper additionally draws reference from even further back in time, Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen comes to mind. Rather than sounding like a retrograde throw-back they furnish the approaching three and a quarter minutes with flourishes of  ornamentation which they place to deliver sounds of currency as trumpet soars and guitar blazes a trail, to accompaniment of clear as a bell percussion and the listener can’t help but find themselves nodding their head in approval as their feet tap away happily.

The Jimmy & The Revolvers reference points hold a timeless quality, which they are able to translate with an enthusiastic and lemon zing freshness that captivates the audience and it is of little surprise they can be found travelling up and down the UK to enthusiastic venue attenders.

With a sound that is ubiquitous of geo-political borders, if justice is served the quartet will find frequent need for passports.

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Gordon Duthie – Dead Dreams – Audio

The indie-folk creator Gordon Duthie from Scotland released the LP Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt on the 16th.

Gordon Duthie - Dead Dreams

Gordon Duthie

Dead Dreams, which is the second of the ten tracks on Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt, is a reflective of life passed by living in the pursuit of living ‘the dream’. The sadness of imagination ground down by the unfilled pursuit of fiscal objectives.

The opening refrains, whilst clearly taken from the US anthem, are allegorical rather than directed as Dead Dreams is not geo-politically driven, rather focussed on the crumbling edifices of entrapment in a futile existence of opportunities in life squandered.

Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt – Gordon Duthie is available on iTunes.*

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Cigars Of The Pharaoh – Mystery Highway – Audio

Cigars Of The Pharaoh, an Australian blues-rock band, are scheduled to release their début EP Mystery Highway on the 16th of November.

Cigars Of The Pharaoh

Cigars Of The Pharaoh

Formed earlier this year Cigars Of The Pharaoh have quickly established themselves as live performance following and the release of Mystery Highway can only build their fan-base.

Surfacing in the past few hours, the title track, features blazing guitars which spear their way up and down the fret-board, to the accompaniment of growling vocal, muscle flexing percussion and pugilistic bass.

This is music to enjoy along with a bottle of whisky, a cheroot and a game of poker as Mystery Highway is a track that brings out the basal instincts.


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Felixxx – Monstruos! – Audio

The psychedelic rock band from Mexico – Felixxx recently revealed their latest single.

Felixxx - Monstruos!


I am writing this article early in the morning and I get the feeling that the trippy nature of Monstruos!, will thread through the remainder of the day, so will probably not be as productive as I would otherwise have been.

Felixxx subsume Monstruos! (which is available on bandcamp) with wisps of ideas that spiral around the head in a shoegazed shimmer as the quartet, in a changed line-up from the January 2014 line-up originally introduced, ease the mind towards slowing down the pace of thought process.

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