Panaderia – Ya No Me Voy – Audio

The US new-wave duo Panaderia released the LP Bueno Onda on the 5th.

Panaderia - photo credit - Manny

Panaderia – photo credit – Manny

Other than being glad to be alive to hear the music of Panaderia, I am unsure why anyone is still breathing. Harking of CBGBs and a very direct reference to the Ramones, Panaderia have a currency that makes life a joy in 2016.

The markedly unrehearsed delivery gives the music an immediate connection with the audience and Ya No Me Voy, the third of the thirteen tracks extrapolates every reason this site exists.

If Ya No Me Voy doesn’t tickle you fancy, this is not the site you should be reading to find your music discoveries. If it does you will be interested to know that Bueno Ondoa is available on bandcamp.

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Blue River – R U Getting Enough – Audio

The English Indie troupe Blue River have a slight delay in releasing the LP Anyday Tomorrow.

Blue River - R U Getting Enough

Blue River

Last featured in December of last year with news of the LP due for dropping in January, one can only conjecture that the album title is perspicacious as there is currently no conjecture for the release of Anyday Tomorrow other than – any day tomorrow is forthcoming.

Not that we need to concern ourselves with issues of internal contemplation as I find myself able to share another of the tracks from the album – R U Getting Enough.

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Enjoy – Geography – Audio

The US alt-rock musician Enjoy is the solo project of Wyatt Shears.



To be made available a few hours ago from the LP Another Word For Joy – due for release on the 12th as a cassette and later in the year as vinyl – Geography has a ska beat that inveigles its way into the audience like the warming embers of a summer evening bonfire.

The vocal explores the concept of the futility of living life vicariously in a scourging dissemination of the internet age.

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Biawak – The Girl That I Once Knew – Audio

Biawak is a solo indie-synth project from Germany.



The latest track to surface The Girl That I Once Knew slips its way into the room unobtrusively before the dreamy electronics flow around the head as the gauzed vocal whispers from afar. The shadowy sounds of the track slowly relax the mind and the audience finds themselves wound in silken thread that ease the frictions of the day.

Biawak releases tracks regularly, whilst of different styles, the continuum is the layering of synth and loops which effortlessly massage the soul.

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Crows – Whisper – Audio

The English alt-rock band Crows are set to release the EP Unwelcome Light on the 25th of March.

Crows - Whisper


Occasionally I find myself with bands ‘on trend’ and such is the case with Crows. Today has been a strange day of music reviews. Music is always of moment in time and I guess today has been one of me in mellow mood.

The penultimate of the five tracks – Whisper expostulates all that is the best of Crows with their ability to expunge the extraneous in a pummelling just over three and a half minutes of sparring grunts and thumps.

Unwelcome Light – EP – Crows is available on iTunes.*

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