SPOD – Day In The Sun – Audio

The Australian alt-electro project SPOD releases the LP Adult Fantasy in August.



The album will be adding to the extensive catalogue of material which, although never taking itself too seriously, is always able to add to any party moment with its delightful subdued lofidelity analogue synths and zingy beats.

The first song to surface from the LP – Day In The Sun – spreads a summery vibe that palpably warms the room and will be released as a standalone single on the 20th.


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Sixteen Jackies – VHS #2 (Masks) – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Sixteen Jackies will launch the EP Mascula on the 18th of May at PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia.

Sixteen Jackies - VHS #2 (Masks)

Sixteen Jackie

In similar vein to their last EP Movie Was Bad a track surfaces with the strange title of VHS #[number] – songs delineated as such are a sub series of tracks that are inspired by a classic horror film, which bears a loose resemblance to the release as a whole – in this case Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the EP reflective of an underlying violence beneath the surface of masculinity in the USA and VHS #2 (Masks) specifically – pondering that this is a result of upbringing and environment.

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Wasabi Fire Alarm – Two Fingers In A V – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Wasabi Fire Alarm will be releasing the EP Two Fingers In A V next month.

Wasabi Fire Alarm

Wasabi Fire Alarm

Formed after a change of line-up and a desire to explore a new direction, from the quintet Resistance only in March – Wasabi Fire Alarm have hit the ground running.

The first track to surface and title song Two Fingers In A V is set to a soundtrack which has an unstructured carefree abandonment  and a spirited enjoyment of life with the listener being taken back to the era, particularly of the ’60s, when much of the music emerging was a celebration of the very fact of creating music, rather than what is so often currently, a studious investigation in template design and this joie de vivre is palpable through the speakers.

Though don’t be fooled by the free-spirited compositions, as this strikes of the very heart of what is their essence and raison d’être – a protestation against a world of turgid conformity.


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I Am Wolves – I’m Not Dead – Audio

The Belgian cinematic-rock quartet I Am Wolves will be releasing the LP ABCD in June.

I Am Wolves - photo by Snaplöv

I Am Wolves – photo by Snaplöv

The first track to surface from the album (itself available as a standalone single on bandcamp) I’m Not Dead – is a just over eight minute exposition of atmospheric instrumental rock that takes the listener in to a journey of imaginative interconnecting spacious melodies which have something of a celestial science-fiction feel in which time and motion become abstract notions.

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BountyTweex – Say – Audio

The Russian dreamwave outfit BountyTweex released the LP Ignition on the 12th.

BountyTweex - Ignition - original artwork

BountyTweex – Ignition – original artwork

Originally scheduled for release last year, new tracks were added and the release delayed, to reflect of the slightly different overall soundscape of the LP the original artwork (shown above) which made strong reference to the influence of Japanese culture was changed to the one below (in music embed) which makes greater emphasis of the dreamy soundscape of the overall scope of Ignition, though still drawing from the initial well of thought.

My selection of the nine track album is the seventh – Say.

Ignition – Bountytweex is available on iTunes.*

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