Eggs On Mars – Many Minds – Audio

Eggs on Mars, the lofi garage trio of Justin (Bass), Mason (Drums) and Brad (Vocals / Guitar) from Kansas City (USA), were introduced earlier in the year.

Eggs On Mars - Many Minds

Eggs On Mars

Apologies, once again, despite this hanging around in my email inbox since the 8th I have only just caught the news of an album which came out earlier this month, once again I am late.

The ten track LP, Mama Pancake (available on bandcamp) is a more complete and rounded sound than their earlier introduction, though of similar sad countenance with the listener captivated by the slowly drifting melodies that fill the room with lingering notes that hang in the air like hazy regretful memories.

Many Minds, the third song, being my pick of the release.

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North Sea Dialect – Dog Violet – Audio

North Sea Dialect is a doomwave project from Scotland.

North Sea Dialect

North Sea Dialect

A little late to this, apologies to everyone, the début LP (available on bandcampLocal Guide was released earlier in the month.

A roughly twenty eight minutes, ten track, album that takes the listener to the dark foreboding gabbro walls of The Cuillins looming overlooking the highland clearances of Allt Coire Lagan as the mystical, forlorn compositions fill the room with their gloomy noises-off.

Dog Violet is the third track.

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Bony Macaroni – Doom – Audio

The emo trio Bony Macaroni, from the Netherlands, will be releasing their début EP early next year.

Bony Macaroni - photo by Heleen van der Meulen-Kolleman

Bony Macaroni – photo by Heleen van der Meulen-Kolleman

Merging self-deprecating lyric with garage rock and even on occasion edges of indie-dance Bony Macaroni are able to create music which has a distinctive cadence and sound, leaving the listener engaged both with the sadcore underpinning and thrashing around the room in unfettered joie de vivre.

The most recent track to surface, which was released as a standalone single on the 16th is Doom.

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Doom – Bony Macaroni is available on iTunes.*

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Saint Cole / Oliver Kucera – The Shaman – Audio

The collaborative musicians of Oliver Kucera from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Saint Cole from Leeds (England) released the deep house two track single The Shaman yesterday.

Oliver Kucera

Oliver Kucera

There is a reason I implore of readers to suggest they are wasting their time as they are not listening to music merely noise who listen to the music featured on the site using the tinny squeaks of anything other than a full speaker system (unless they are in a geo-political location where there are no viable alternative options) and this is a prime example of why having at least five speakers is essential.

Saint Cole - The Shaman

Saint Cole

Turn up the volume and the sub-woofers to feel the windows, walls and floor buckle and bend to the intoxicating flow of the title track and opener The Shaman (available on bandcamp) while the mind and body flows in to the beat of the rhythm whilst drifting in to a trance of primordial synchronicity.

Oliver Kucerasocial media page

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Victoria Bigelow – Blame – Audio

The New York (USA) sadcore musician Victoria Bigelow is working towards the release of the EP Going Blue.

Victoria Bigelow

Victoria Bigelow

A couple of tracks have surfaced from the EP, the most recent of which, released as a standalone single on the 9th, Blame is best heard with a draw full of clean handkerchiefs prior to approaching.

The dreamy acoustics immerse themselves deep in to the limbic system and the listener finds themselves wallowing in the tear streaked melodic syncopation of the composition as the beat scatters through the ears overlayed by the intoxicating and hypnotic flow of the woe-struck emotional melancholia of the vocal.


Blame – Single – Victoria Bigelow is available on iTunes.*

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