Chris Marksbury – Insomnia – Audio

The US rock creator Chris Marksbury revealed three new tracks within the past few hours.

Chris Marksbury - Insomnia

Chris Marksbury

Having released individual tracks sporadically over the past few years, the fact that three arose together bearing the cover art entitled All About You may foretell of an EP or LP in the wings – time will tell.

Insomnia is a just under four and a half minute track in a cloak of dirty blues which prowls around the room majestically as only slide is able to deliver.

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Dave Hanson – Midday Sun – Audio

The English creamy-blues creator Dave Hanson releases his début LP Almost Horizontal on the 3rd of June.

Dave Hanson

Dave Hanson

An experienced musician, this immediately shows in Midday Sun, the third of the eleven on the album. Combining hints of reggae-light with middle of the road rock Dave Hanson is able to add complex layering, leaving the listener entranced by the evolving just under five minutes of the song.

Although very user friendly, the audience doesn’t get the feeling that the production polish has left them with a song bereft of heart and soul; The composition and arrangement standing on its own legs as it glides around the room and equally one finds oneself forgiving the Noel Coward refrain of ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’ as the staple diet of chorus and collages of other common idioms which comprises much of the tapestry of lyric.

A track to take with a cocktail rather than a tin of beer, it is nonetheless something I recommend adding to your spring playlist and given the turn in the weather for the worse where I am in the UK, it does bring some sunshine to the falling rain as I type this article.


Almost Horizontal [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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Something To Do – Don’t Take That Shit From Anyone – Audio

Something To Do is a ska sextet from the USA.

Something To Do - Photo by James Pederson

Something To Do – Photo by James Pederson

An engaging group of musicians who combine influences of rock ‘n’ roll and ska to deliver music to which you just have to dance.

Their latest track, Don’t Take That Shit From Anyone, was made available a few hours ago.


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Love Ghost – Friday Afternoon – Audio

The US alt-rock quintet Love Ghost are due to release their début eponymous LP later in the year.

Love Ghost

Love Ghost

The first track of the six on the album Friday Afternoon has been made available in advance and well worth catching hold of and adding to the ‘moments of mood’ playlist.

As often mentioned bowed strings are able to add distinctive texture to music and the deftly played Viola in the hands of Mya Greene allows Love Ghost to launch themselves upon a global audience with some considerable confidence. That is not to reduce the input of the other players who also form the band as they equally play with dexterity in a slowly revolving piece of impressive composition which espouses of the complexities of life in the 21st Century, where personal conviction and peer expectation often stand in combative stance.

Friday Afternoon, rather than frenetically battling the stanchions, steps backwards to contemplate the world around, prior to whipping the horse two thirds of the way through the track and hurtling towards the identified spot of breach and thereafter spreading slowly around the room filling in the divots.

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The Smoking Trees – Lifetime Experience – Audio

The US psychedelic-garage project The Smoking Trees releases the LP The Archer And The Bull on the 13th.

The Smoking Trees - The Archer And The Bull - Vinyl

The Smoking Trees – The Archer And The Bull – Vinyl

From the fourteen track album (available on bandcamp) – the ninth – Lifetime Experience.

The tripping whirlpool of guitar and electronics disappear inside each other in an unceasing flow of developing refrains. The composition is imbued with ’60s beat influences giving what would otherwise be a heavy dose of hallucinogenics a lightness in which the listener can lay back in comforting pillows of sound.

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