Body/Head – You Don’t Need – Audio

The US nowave duo Body/Head will be releasing the EP The Switch on the 13th of July.



The first compositions to surface of the five on the EP (which is available on bandcamp) You Don’t Need, the second track on the release, is a dystopian layering of the gnawing buzz of stretched guitar, warping electronica and reclusive vocal.


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Lilou & John – Free Woman – Audio

The Swedish alt-rock duo Lilou & John release the EP Airing from Kolyma on the 20th.

Lilou & John

Lilou & John

Taking a different plough to the soil in Airing from Kolyma the duo have concentrated on acoustic led folk turned delivery which doesn’t by any means dilute their scathing glance on the world around in which they reflect of the imbalances of imposed and manufactured equalities leading to greater social fracturing rather than closer cohesion.

There have been and continue to be numerous musical acts who feature on the site that are able to demonstrate more powerfully than words that music can bridge chasms of political difference and despite those differences, when articulated meaningfully, music is able to afford that difference far wider message and contemplation. Lilou & John evidence that ability – though to be fair as an anarcho-capitalist I am likely to be at odds with most peoples politics at some level.

A five track release (available on bandcamp) which is opened with my pick of the release – Free Woman.

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Yasmin – Still – Audio

The Danish electrowave duo Yasmin will be releasing the EP SALAM on the 13th of July.



The second song to surface from the EP, which was itself released as a standalone single that is available on bandcamp on the 15th,  Still – showcases their immersive soundtracks.

Combinations of synthesised natural percussion and voices along with electronica creates music that fuses with the synapses of the listener resulting in them, the audience, becoming not a casual observer rather an intrinsic element of the compositions.

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LiiN – Cassiopeia – Audio

The English synthwave duo LiiN released the LP Users on the 15th.

LiiN - Cassiopeia


Their merge of analogue synths and instrumentation makes for music which has a fuzzy hum that glows like a valve, emitting a palpable warmth, while also the sharp elbows of glitchy hissing dig in to the ribs giving the songs their variance of texturing.

The bakers dozen, roughly fifty minutes, track LP (available on bandcamp) can be enjoyed, equally, as a one stop night in with a few friends or each track individually popped like bubble wrap.

By way of a reminder of their sound, the appropriately named six and a quarter minutes closer – Cassiopeia.

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Rosser – Tiny Hot Spot – Single Review

Rosser is a relatively new US electro-rock quintet.



The first track to surface Tiny Hot Spot is a vintage-rock feast that strides through the room in a cloak of bluesy riffs, off-beat percussion and lancing bass all adorned by a glitterball of synth with a vocal straddling the reference point, while extending a hand to the audience to join them on the floor to party away the night.

I look forward to hearing more from an outfit who have, in Tiny Hot Spot, demonstrated the ability to generate good time rock’n’roll that has the gumption to leave oily footprints in its wake that linger longer in the mind.

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