Scrambled Limbs – Rainmaker Struggle – Audio

Scrambled Limbs is an English trippy-rock project.

Scrambled Limbs

Scrambled Limbs

Whilst musicians creating psychedelic influenced music are, in general, underpinned by a sense of good-feelings and journey in to expansive thought, Scrambled Limbs is able to take that – not such good a trip – and turn it in to an eight track, roughly three quarters of an hour LP – Portmanteau (available on bandcamp) – exploring insecurities and anxieties, with a deft skill, as, rather than leaving the listener raked with inner turmoil, the mind finds a quiet pleasure in the what could easily have become a journey of despair.

My pick of a release that once started on the opening song the listener finds the need to continue to listen to without disturbance, until its conclusion – is the fifth – Rainmaker Struggle.

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Sultry Sounds Of The Underground – Soul Crushing Ecstasy – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Sultry Sounds Of The Underground were first introduced in 2016.

Sultry Sounds Of The Underground - Soul Crushing Ecstasy

Sultry Sounds Of The Underground

Long time in gestation there is still no final word on the long awaited début LP however, after various line-up chsanges which has delayed progression, the latest track to surface Soul Crushing Ecstasy finds the band sounding better than it has on previous features, with a more complex narrative, part of which is from the studio post-production, the bulk being from a new found self-belief therefore, it may be a tad premature to raise as a thought, I do however get the sense the album is finally on its way.

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Spirits Of Leo – Eden – Audio

The US gaze-rock quintet Spirits Of Leo will be releasing the LP Equinox on the 23rd.

Spirits Of Leo

Spirits Of Leo

The latest track to surface from the album (which is available on bandcamp) the ninth of the sixteen – Eden – glides through the room as though a ghostly apparition as the shadowy silhouette of the shimmering echoing vocal and guitars are given formation by forceful bass / percussion combinations with the dreamy synth drifting in out out of focus in a song that minds the listener of early ’80s synth-rock.

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Eggs On Mars – Don’t Send Me – Audio

The US lofi-garage trio Eggs On Mars released the LP In A Desert Place on the 15th.

Eggs On Mars

Eggs On Mars

There is a retro-feel to the music which they deliver in an unadorned naive form, giving the compositions an earthy honesty, that captivates the listeners attention. Eggs On Mars are able to deliver tracks which leave the listener feeling well disposed to the world as the untouched songs slip in to earshot, warts and all.

My pick of the nine track, plus one remix, album (available on bandcamp) being the fourth – Don’t Send Me.

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Dark Voice Of Angelique – They – Audio

The Russian drone project Dark Voice Of Angelique released the LP Noire on the 14th.

Dark Voice Of Angelique - They

Dark Voice Of Angelique

Noire (available on bandcamp) whilst still of dark cloud, is of less dystopian menace than music previously featured.

The nine tracks are less compacted and resultingly afford for the listener to more readily explore the melodies and nuances of the roughly fifty six minutes album as the multifarious layering of electronica, synthesised instruments and vocal flows through the room.

The fourth composition and my pick of the release is the just over six minutes – They.

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