New Year Ninety 2014 – 40 to 31

The New Year Ninety as always features a diverse range of musical styles and influences, reflective of the diverse musical interests of the readers.

Emerging Indie Bands - New Year Ninety

Emerging Indie Bands – New Year Ninety

40. Singleton (Ukraine)

Uncovered – Singleton is available on iTunes*.

39. Beyond Visions (Sweden)

Your Face Is Familiar – Beyond Visions is available on iTunes*.

38. Audio Disease (England)

Contagion – Audio Disease is available on iTunes*.

37. Wings Of Apollo (USA)

Wings of Apollo is available on iTunes*.

36. Kurws (Poland)

35. Maybe The Welders (USA)

34. David Rovics (USA)

33. The Known Pleasures (USA)

Let the Old Dreams Die – The Known Pleasures is available on iTunes*.

32. Katja Luhtala (Finland)

Safe European Home – Katja Luhtala is available on iTunes*

31. Dangerous Person? (Germany)

Diving – Dangerous Person? is available on iTunes*.

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Audio Disease

Tom Harris (Lead Vocals), Daniel Bremner (Guitar), Luke Bradley (Bass), Josh Warby (Rhythm Guitar) and Scott Davies (Drums) from Dudley in England make up the rock band Audio Disease.

Audio Disease - rock music from England

Audio Disease

Making full use of the two guitars Audio Disease send out soaring riffs of fretwork which sits within the context of classic rock. Referencing influences from across the generations the quintet are able to offer their rapidly growing fan-base with a smart mixture of sounds that provide well considered hooks and also are able to play a more considered and thoughtful melodies.

Relatively newly out of the blocks, if their start is anything to go by, Audio Disease are set fair for a great career as a band as they demonstrate both able song-writing skills and the ability to get the most out of the tracks musically. Well defined compositions are delivered fluidly and each member of the band adds their own defining brush stroke to the overall sound.

In support of a new single that came out yesterday – Breakaway – and their May LP Contagion (which is available on iTunes*) –  they are on an extended UK tour which should see them gain an even wider audience in short order.


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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.