The Holy Knives – Stray Dog – Audio

The US atmospheric-rock duo The Holy Knives will be releasing their début LP Year Of The Black Dog on the 2nd of November.

The Holy Knives - Photo by Jana Cantua

The Holy Knives – Photo by Jana Cantua

Released on the 5th as a standalone single Stray Dog, taken from the forthcoming album, encircles the listener, akin to the aural equivalence of freshly ground coffee beans, with a heady measure of warm woody, earthy layers of olfactory seduction that teases of temptations to come.

The evocative soundtrack layers multi-pivoted guitar, electronica with sliding percussion, expressive vocals and a shadowy polyphonic chorus to create a richness of layered texturing in to which the audience pleasurably reclines.

Stray Dog is available on iTunes.*

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Lunar Landscape – Siren’s Calling – Audio

The French atmospheric-rock outfit Lunar Landscape release the LP The Infinite Pleasure of Being on the 12th of September.

Lunar Landscape

Lunar Landscape

The seven songs offer an expansive journey in modulated frequencies taking the listener through moments of modern-classics, ambient cinematography, gazey-rock and more, though rather than leaving the listener pitching like a dinghy in heavy seas, the quiet undertow of the compositions allows each slice of the album to take its moment in centre spotlight without jostling the preceding track by its presence.

An LP which can be taken in one sitting or equally as relevant when approached in isolated moments. Sirens’ Calling, the third track, was itself released as a stand alone single on the 24th and is available on bandcamp.

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Silent Fiasco – Blowing Smoke – Audio

Silent Fiasco is an English atmospheric-rock trio.

Silent Fiasco - photo by Federico Benvenuto

Silent Fiasco – photo by Federico Benvenuto

The trio recently released their début eponymous three track Single (available on bandcamp). On hitting play it is difficult to believe this is an outfit that has been together for less than a year as Silent Fiasco deliver music textured in multiple layers that fill the room with an almost tangible presence.

I look forward to following the development of Silent Fiasco over the years and if justice be served they will rapidly gain wide audience.

By way of an introduction the opener – Blowing Smoke.

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