The Purcells – At Your Command – Audio

The US muzzy-rock trio The Purcells released the LP Words Can’t Say last month.

The Purcells

The Purcells

The tracks which have the feeling of analogue recording warmth drift in an out of focus as the trio deliver songs that slowly glide across the room.

Phased guitars blur inside wispy clouds of synthetic keys as an ever prescient percussion and bass combination stay alert to any potential stragglers, ensuring the material maintains its slow, but steady, trajectory from which softly brushed vocals slip gently from the framework.

Every one of the approximately thirty nine minutes – ten tracks of Words Can’t Say are well worth spending time with as The Purcells deliver a well reasoned album which is best ingested in its full tapestry.

By way of an introduction to the LP (which is available on bandcamp) – the eighth composition – At Your Command.


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