Yew – Sacramento – Audio

The Belgian art-rock band Yew will be releasing the LP Bam Bam Bam on the 16th of March 2018.



The first song to surface from the album – Sacramento – which itself was released as a stand alone single, available on bandcamp, on the 15th – is a quiet blend of their origination of folk conjoined with arithmetical angles to deliver a just under four minutes reveal in which the listener becomes completely absorbed.

A plethora of strummed, picked and bowed instrumentation, muffled drum and hypnotic vocal are never overplayed with, akin to an orchestra, each musical interlocutor combining to create a greater sum than the individual elements.


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AKWUAR – Millions Of Same Faces – Audio

The German art rock project AKWUAR is set to release the eponymous LP on the 8th of January.



A seven track album of melting instrumentation and electronica filtered through a gauze affording the songs an otherworldly texturing, tipped by voices which drift in and out of soft focus. There is an intriguing juxtaposition between the aural delivery of the compositions and the structure of the songs which are typically quite mathematical of construct giving the overall effect of music which minds the listener of Bauhaus architecture.

The opening track on the album is Millions Of Same Faces.

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Allegory – Syncopation – Audio

The English art-rock trio Allegory are finalising details of the EP Sound Canvass.

Allegory - Syncopation


Continuing with their evolution of sound the first track to appear from the EP – Syncopation – which was released today as a stand-alone single available on bandcamp – finds Allegory in an art-rock moment.

The free-form track coils inside itself with the  jazzy keyboard and percussion being tightly wrapped inside the, expanding and contracting, expressionist vocal.

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The art-rock project MIRS is centred around Amir Motlagh from Los Angeles in the USA who released the EP Canyon on the 6th.


Gnotti contemplates MIRS

On hitting play you will discover the sounds scrabbling under the floorboards in a freneticism of encroaching electro-static. With material dating back three years – sometimes as a solo project at others with collaboration there is an ever present sense of a mole digging tunnels in the dark and in Canyon we discover the culmination as the excavations reach sunlight.

Those of longer or more personal stay will know I have a dog – Gnotti who sits with me as I write articles and his pick of the release is the opening track of the LP (available on bandcamp) – for self evident reasons –  Coyote.

My selection is the closer Streetlight.

We both agree – an EP worth investing time to hear and a musical project to get to know in far greater detail.


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