Greetings – So Easy To – Audio

The US art-rock collaborative project Greetings released the eponymous LP on the 20th.

Greetings - eponymous LP artwork

Greetings – eponymous LP artwork

Each of the seven tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) can serve as a standalone single, yet more so when imbibed as a whole.

The roughly twenty two minutes of songs wrap around the mind and transport the listener to a world in which to leap and bound between unsupported lifts and floating escalators as the combinations of nu-jazz, maths-rock and twisted rock’n’roll merge in to what have the feel of extemporised pieces of progressive-psychedelia.

So Easy To (feat. Blunt Corner) is the third track.

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ArsenLuna – Foolish Things – Audio

ArsenLuna is a South African art-rock project.



Only seven songs are available to hear, revealed in blocks of three roughly half a year apart plus one song surfacing just over a month ago, each timestamp being of different staging, held together by an impressively expressive vocal and mood setting pianoforte.

The most recent set, under the collective name of Bleu, surfaced on the 13th and resonates of theatrical setting with the songs taking on the demeanour of both off-stage whisper and expansive back of house resonance.

Charne Cathleen Vermeulen in the guise of ArsenLuna is a musician I look forward to hearing more of in short order possessing both a completely absorbing voice as well as finely tuned song writing ability.

By way of an introduction from Bleu – the closer Foolish Things.

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古川麦 (Baku Furukawa) – Halo – Video

The Japanese / US  art-rock project 古川麦 (Baku Furukawa) released the LP シースケープ (Seascape) last week.

古川麦 - photo by - 鈴木 竜一朗 (Ryuichiro Suzuki)

古川麦 – photo by – 鈴木 竜一朗 (Ryuichiro Suzuki)

The nine track album is influenced by the disparate geo-political influences of both childhood and adult life and is a blend of angular jazz-fusion and melted café-rock which is derives its intrigue by the contrasting imagery cast through the listeners mind..

Halo is the sixth track and a fair gateway to シースケープ.


シースケープ – 古川麦 is available on iTunes.*

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ACKLAND – Rain – Video

The US art-rock sextet ACKLAND will be releasing their eponymous LP in March.



The first song to surface from the album being, Rain, which was also released as a standalone single on the 26th.

The track which enters from the speakers with a somnambulistic demeanor flows softly through the room in quiet pacing with the bowed strings giving the composition a spectral temperament as piano and strummed strings add to the sense of something that is not quite of this world, while the vocal affords the song even more sense of the ethereal and it is only the percussion which assures the audience, in denouement, the passing two hundred and twenty two seconds were not a figment of their imagination.

There is little to hear, for those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to see them live, though on the sparsity of what there is around to listen to, which consists of three live tracks one of which is Rain plus the studio version of Rain, I am already looking forward to the album.


Rain – Ackland is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Pear Moth – Forgetful 2 – Audio

Pear Moth is a US art-rock outfit.

Pear Moth - photo by Tiffany Minto

Pear Moth – photo by Tiffany Minto

The music is predominately instrumental with vocal, not always featuring on the songs, delivered in pastel hushed hues. Their music is expansive in nature giving the listener the sense of an auditory version of gases expanding to fill empty spaces. The slightly jazz feel to the compositions are able to imbue a physical presence to the material which keeps songs moving forward rather than disappearing in to quiet eddies.

Their most recent release, the LP, Music For Fish was made available earlier in the month and my selection of the six songs is Forgetful 2.

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