Art Block – Eliza – Single Review

It has been almost two years since the English melancholic-folk creator Art Block last featured.

Art Block - Eliza

Art Block

The latest single, which came out on the 14th and is available on bandcamp, Eliza – takes Art Block in to even deeper sorrowful despondency than music previously featured with a bowed strings and piano led composition.

The quietly laid song slowly circles the mind as the haunting vocal plays almost inaudibly, like a faint shadow cast through sunlit mist, while piano forms dour chord changing melodies which layer the track with a sad countenance while cello creates the bleary, almost tangible, tears of wistful thought which permeate Eliza.

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Art Block – Don’t Call My Name – Audio

First introduced in 2014 the English alt-rock creator Art Block is due to release the slightly delayed EP Bordeline on the 4th.

Art Block - Don't Call My Name

Art Block

The penultimate of the four tracks Don’t Call My Name glides through the room with an elegance and poise that captures the attention. One feels oneself involuntary reaching for Ball-Gown or Dinner-Jacket to accompany the four / three waltz which is firmly led by Art Block and you are left to feel safe in his embrace.

Borderline (available on bandcamp) lives and breathes by instrumentation which lays in subdued back drop as the duet of vocal by Chelsea Turnbull and Art sashay the audience with their pitch-perfect and emotionally connective tissue carrying the listener far further than the compositions.

It is the ability of Art block to take the audience far beyond the speakers into an emotional reciprocity that marks the out-put as being far more than the sum of the parts.

Art is another musician who finds I am not the easiest music journalist to deal with and I thank him, not just for his persistence but far more, for his ability to take me on a journey which I hope will not end before I am gone.

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Art Block – Borderline – Video

The England based alternative creator Art Block is planning on releasing the EP Borderline in February 2016.

Art Block - Borderline - artwork

Art Block – Borderline – artwork

With some pleasure it is delight to have permission to share with you the unmastered version of the title track and first of the four of an EP well worth foraging to excavate on release like a white truffle.

On each occasion Art Block surfaces on the website there is a different reference point and Borderline takes, as a backdrop, Southern Blues lap steel guitar to extrapolate the forlorn introspective soliloquy in a track that weaves its way into the marrow of the listener in a three and a third minute spotlight of personal insight which, for the harrowing structure, finds the audience in equally ponderous self-reflection.

I anticipate being back with a full review of the EP nearer date of release which I have had the joy of listening to in full that also features on backing vocals another artist who has appeared on the site – Chelsea Turnbull.

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Art Block – Polly – Audio

The England based musician Art Block is planning a new EP called – Angel.

Art Block - Polly

Art Block

Continuing to utilise additional musicians as and where it makes sense – Polly – set to be on the forthcoming release has Ed Seed adding Bass and Percussion.

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Art Block

Art Block is an alt-folk singer song writer from London in England.

Art Block - alt-folk from England

Art Block

One man and one acoustic guitar, with the occasional dash of additional instruments and percussion creates prophetic tracks in the guise of Art Block. It is the synergy between vocal, lyric and composition which marks out the sounds that consider the intangible. There is an emotionally charged evisceration within the music, that scores deep into the mind of the listener. As evidence that in the right hands a flow of notes and voice can connect those who are intrinsically disconnected Art Block is a fine example.

Demanding of the audiences’ attention, the music doesn’t just lay quietly in the bye-way, rather grabbing hold of fleeting passing ears and forcing focus. Given the sparse garb, that is a testament to the emotive context and no matter where the brain may have been headed, it becomes transfixed by the sounds.

A top-notch singer-songwriter who is able to emote vocally the context of the lyric, whilst creating a frame-work in which the overall delivery becomes one and the same, I wish Art Block every success.

Inevitably, we all have  contexts that work particularly well on an individual level and my choice is one that reminds me of the vocals of Siouxsie Sioux and is replete with additional backing, whilst this is atypical of the context of the music. Therefore a couple of tracks, rather than the usual one, follow…

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