Eli Bou Merhy – Eyes On Me – Video

Eli Bou Merhy an artist in Lebanon has released a new video for Eyes On Me.

The Matador - (Acrylic on Canvas) by Eli Bou Mehry

The Matador – (Acrylic on Canvas) by Eli Bou Mehry

When I opened with the term ‘Artist’ on this occasion I did mean a visual artist.

In early 2013 Eli Bou Merhy released a low budget video Arguileh to challenge the hidden reality of relationships in the Middle East, where many gay men are forced into marriage by their families to cover up the truth, whilst lambasting the use of anorexic models in the fashion industry. He didn’t and doesn’t describe himself as a singer, but as a result of this what was perceived as a ‘controversial video’ it was selected for a conference in Argentina on Middle Eastern sexual tensions.

The result being he was interviewed in television, which resulted in, opportunities within the Lebanese community and Eyes On Me is a follow up to that experience, in much the same vein as the video by Mashrou’ Leila that was posted recently, where merely being on television distorts reality.

Eli Bou Merhy – The visual artist.

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