Lord Willing – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug – Audio

The US blues-rock creator Justin Long in the guise of Lord Willing will be releasing the LP Are You Happy? on the 31st of May.

Lord Willing

Lord Willing

From the forthcoming album – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug, which was itself released as a stand alone single earlier this month, stakes a decent marker for the LP.

A just over three minutes track that is fused with R&B, Blues and thumping rock, which finds the listener stamping in time with the bulging drum kit that slices through the speakers. A well conceived piece of music which lifts even the dourest mood to a sense of well-being and rather than downing whisky to numb despondency the audience raises a glass in cheerful disposition.

The fact that Justin is an experienced musician, albeit that Lord Willing is a new project, is evidenced in the self-assured songwriting and delivery.

Word arrives of a follow-up single coming out on the 17th of March – Green Doesn’t Look Good On You which will provide a further signpost as to what to expect from Are You Happy? in May.

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TheHalves – Are You Happy? – Single Review

TheHalves is a new grunge quartet from the USA.



So new out of the block TheHalves only have one song to share which is less than twenty hours in public domain and no social media page or website to which I can direct you.

Are You Happy? is more of a rhetorical question than one which needs response as the misery of a world of stolen aspiration is reflected in the precisely three minute track as the quartet draw the dirt out of the carpet far more efficiently than a vacuum cleaner is able with the low slung shoulder of music.

Yet, within the morose tones, lies a captivating beauty which holds the listener fascinated and the latter section of the track suddenly ramps up speed and the speakers respond by beating the loose fibres out of anything nearby, leaving the listener to watch the dust particles as they fly around the room.

I get the impression that TheHalves will be a band I will be returning to with some frequency and I wish them every success as they start the tortuous trail that is the music industry.

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