Debris Slide

Debris Slide is the garagegaze quartet of James Walker (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Simmonds (Drums), Jordie Bokor (Guitar) and Pete Shakeshaft (Bass) from Nottingham in England.

Debris Slide - Photo by Abisade Isiaka

Debris Slide – Photo by Abisade Isiaka

No matter which way you bang on your speakers, the distortion won’t disappear, it isn’t a dodgy blown piece of equipment, rather the fusillade of sound that is Debris Slide. There is a strangely calming majesty that emerges into the room as the sounds buffer around the walls, despite the frenetic tempo of the quartet.

The twisted notes of the guitars, which rebound with delay and echo give the material a spaciousness that counterpoints with the clarity and forcefulness of the percussion, as the vocal seems to appear through yet more gauze, allows Debris Slide to focus the attention.  Akin to the effect of an aural diotropic lens, despite the seemingly variable focal lengths, by the time the music reaches the ears it has formed into  material that makes perfect sense and you just don’t want it to end.

A few years under their belt as a part time University band, after various line-up changes Debris Slide have more recently found themselves with the space and time to do what they are good at, making music and the world is a better place for it.

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Araido, which was released on the 11th, is available on bandcamp.

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