ED – A Cure For Cruelty – Video

ED is a maths-rock band from Russia.

ED - Forest - artwork

ED – Forest – artwork

Joining forces with Anton from Two Chords, they have set vocal accompaniment to a song which originally appeared on the instrumental LP Forest, called 7 and renamed it – A Cure For Cruelty.

Forest – Ed is available on iTunes.*

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Fire Island Pines

Fires Island Pines an alt-indie collective from Wadebridge in England is Anton, Andy, Ben, Seamus, Simon and Tom.

Fire Island Pines alt-indie from England

Fire Island Pines

Fire Island Pines bring together jangly pop with trumpets and sympathy to deliver melodic twists and turns of tempered sounds that mercurially flow into the ears. The sextet build their music into generous layers which have a presence that is demanding of attention as the polarities of  the instruments and influences ease across each other in immersive combinations.

The bitter-sweet final product is finely balanced, with the out-put having a hazed delivery, which adds to the sensibilities of the music that Fire Island Pines creates. Despite the numbers of players, there is nothing over reached in the sounds, which find the players ably folding one into the other creating a cohesive sound that has a generous layers for the listener to consider.

As I comment, from time to time, I do always promise to get back to every introduction, though not always in a timely manner and it was back in June 2011 that I received the introduction. Somehow things do marry up as it was only towards the end of last month that Fire Island Pines released their début ten track LP – True Grit (which is available on bandcamp).

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