COEDS is Anna (Vocals / Guitar), Phillip (Guitar / Vocals), Jeremiah (Bass) and Donald (Drums) an alt-rock band from Savannah in the USA.

COEDS - alt-rock from the USA


Combining rock ‘n’ roll with new wave takes me straight back the the early ’80s and what a fine timeline COEDS play within. The tumultuous pace is switched continually as the quartet demonstrate one moment the ability to play to the gallery and the next with shards of explosive energy that grab the listener by the hair and drags them onto the dance-floor.

The cleverly constructed tracks which unify sparsity with a thumping bass /percussion floor are built up into to sounds which have the audience swaying in time. Even on recording one gets the sense that COEDS is a band who probably spend a lot of time restringing their instruments and patching up the drum kit. The vivacity that spills around the room makes you wish for a direct flight to get to seem them playing live, but with fortune they will be appearing more locally to audiences not just living in Georgia or in the USA.

I guess I should sit down now and finish off the review or else the office will have a broken desk. I look forward to hearing much more of COEDS in short order.

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Letters To Fiesta

Letters To Fiesta is Daniel (Drums), Andy (Bass), Tom (Guitar) and Anna (Vocals / Synth) an ambient dance band from Manchester in England.

Letters To Fiesta - alt indie from England

Letters To Fiesta

Tetchy is my middle name, as you well know and hats off to Kim from Super Cat PR who once again had to negotiate my red mist – but gladly we came to what I needed. As you will also be aware if you have been with the Indie Bands Blog stable for more than a couple of months I rarely have anything other than scant regard for PR firms and Super Cat PR is one of those very rare firms who try to meet both the band and the reviewers needs – so for a change I pass on a – do consider if you feel the need to use a PR firm – I digress – Letters To Fiesta

An exploration of the subterranean comes to mind as the quartet lever open hidden oysters which echo around the helix and targus gathering intensity prior to swooping into the tympanic membrane where the mesmeric waves of sound coalesce before flowing through the cerebrum and in turn dissapating through the whole stystema nervosa and the audience is left wreathed in the glow that is Letters To Fiesta.

Influences from 18th century Chorale and electro ’80s resonate in delightful unison as the audience lays back in a never ending circle of exploration which can’t help but captivate the mind. Bach meets Human League by way of Iceland and the 21st Century meets Letters To Fiesta.

The readers on the UK, just knew I couldn’t leave the reference to the UKs Fiesta soft-porn magazine which has been around since 1966 with the ever present comment –  the magazine for men which women love to read – and somehow the name of the band, makes some sense, though Letters To Fiesta is more ‘The band for the highbrow which the lowbrow love to listen to’ and I am happy to include myself in that latter category and not in anyway feel excluded.

A new six track release is set for release in late October – Aphorism – and having had the opportunity to take a listen, I recommend you get hold of it when it appears.

Here is the opening track – Tears Apart.


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