Charlie Mess – Rhyme – Audio

The US angst-rock creator Charlie Mess was introduced last year.

Charlie Mess - Double Space - artwork

Charlie Mess – Double Space – artwork

With quite different paint brushes the newest LP to surface, which came out earlier this month and available on bandcamp, Double Space is a roughly thirty eight minutes nine track album that minds me of the works of Edvard Munch as the painful realities of life scream through the room akin to descriptors of eviscerating wounds to the mind.

For those who like their music of gentle waves, probably not only is the wrong site to be engaged, but also a release to swerve in wide arc. For those of us who like music of raw honesty – set aside the time and turn everything up to full volume and allow the distortion to wreak havoc with the senses.

My pick of the release being the second track – Rhyme.

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Quinn – I Wasted It – Video

The English angst-rock band Quinn are working on the release of an EP.

Quinn - photo credit - Tim Arstall

Quinn – photo credit – Tim Arstall

I Wasted It has a garagey-grunge through which the singular vocals laments woes in life, in a song that reminds exactly why Quinn are always a pleasure to come back and hear with its always dampened demeanour.

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Surfacing in Växjö, Sweden – Dante Enocson (Vocals / Guitar), Victor Galeano (Drums), Jonas Loman (Bass) and Pontus Oskarsson (Guitar) combine to form the angst-rock band Ikiryo.

Ikiryo - angst-rock from Sweden


With a sense of inner-turmoil the music tumbles out of the speakers in refrains of lamenting woe. To the palette of emo, Ikiryo, adds progressive-rock insularity and an outward facing shoegaze tint giving the material extended stretchers of anguish.

The vocal hauntingly yawps as if espying the Gates of Hades while the combinations of guitar fluctuate between invitational pirouettes and staunch barriers of entry as the bass highlights the oppressive morose sentiments of the music and under-pinning the weight of the structure lays a solid percussion which, from time to time, launches everything into the air and ably gathers the scattered elements back in to shape.

You may mistakenly get the sense from this article it is a criticism that Ikiryo are neither this nor that – it is however for their very ability to pull in ideas which they convert to their own slot in the music scene that makes them of considerable interest and a band I will be keeping an ear out for with future material.

A few years into existence Ikiryo haven’t rushed out releases, with their début LP – Asleep/Awake (available on bandcamp) only arriving last month, I only hope it doesn’t take another three years for the follow-up.

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Theory Of Youth

Holy (Vocals / Guitar) and Thomas (Bass / Vocals) from Paris in France along with a drum machine and programming combine to form the angst-rock band Theory Of Youth.

Theory Of Youth - angst-rock from France

Theory Of Youth

Like raising a bonnet on a car to look at a frozen metal engine on a Siberian winters day Theory Of Youth do not seek to make easy bedfellows with their discordant threshing rock. However, investigate a little further and you will find a sense of opprobrium that is not slanted to the listener but to the edifices of a world of indifference.

Contemplating of the shards of glass hurled towards the 99% Theory Of Youth espouse of a sense of isolationist desperation as the music shears through the listeners ears in a threshing mill of hopelessness.

The angular panic-stricken discordance evokes of a life without self-determination, only industrial manipulation as the barbed wire of confinement pierces the skin of tentative approach. This is music that will either find you running headlong into the thorns and enjoying every barb or turning back in despair and Theory Of Youth rightly make no apology for their bristled spine.

With a couple of releases behind them, the most recent El País De Las Maravillas an eleven track LP which came out on the 18th (available on bandcamp). Much as I would wish to believe this will fish them greater exposure, I fear it will merely find Theory Of Youth with a more concentrated audience. By the fact that you take the time to read the site, I am hopeful you too will appreciate their endeavours.

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Fine Wives

Based in Johnstown in the USA Christopher S. BellRod FisherGerald Mattis and Matt Miller form the angst-rock band Fine Wives.

Fine Wives - angst-rock from the USA

Fine Wives

Those who remain alert will be pondering the idea of Christopher S. Bell as a name known and you are quite correct from the previous article about C. Scott And The Beltones – the one and same. However no need to get out the log-tables with Fine Wives who lay their hearts on their sleeves and make it slightly easier for the listener to understand.

A lo-fi jig-saw puzzle spreads across the room in hazy discolouration, though, rather than leaving the listener to connect the pieces the players tease the edges towards each other, whilst leaving the listener to fill in the spaces.

The members do not seek to add volume, rather generate textures which fan inside one another, like bird flight feathers, allowing Fine Wives to provide music which signals dissent, without trying to lead the revolution, as they ponder of dysfunction and request the audience to reconsider their own blind-side and leaving it to them to respond, whilst like a Matron, scowling at the unrepentant.

From the LP Thin Lives (available on bandcamp) the opening of the six tracks Western Standards.

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