Carla Geneve – Listening – Single Review

Carla Geneve is an Australian angst-rock creator who today released the latest single Listening.

Carla Geneve - photo by Tashi Hall

Carla Geneve – photo by Tashi Hall

A song reflective of a world shrouded by abuse which is oft cleft in mantles of the undisclosed by those who for what ever reason are able to manage, or struggle, to cope with their own circumstance – whilst reaching out an arm to express there is a better world around if they are able to just extend their own fingers to clasp the extended wrist – held by a chain across the globe in supporting anchor and not one of approbation.

The steadfast perspective being held by a solid instrumentation while the dour and fragile vocal laments of the reality suffered by far too many which is able to wrest tears from the eyes of the audience.

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Listening – Carla Geneve is available on iTunes*

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when its dark out – nothing at all – audio

when its dark out is an angst-rock project from Scotland.

when its dark out

when its dark out

The music casts a dark pall through the room which seeps in to the listeners very being leaving them transfixed by the dour moments in time which float through the ears, yet beneath the sad countenance lays a haunting beauty from whence arises a catharsis and wistful contemplation.

By way of an introduction – nothing at all.

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Press Club – Ignorance – Audio

The Australian angst-rock quartet Press Club released the LP Late Teens on the 16th.

Press Club - photo credit - Lauren Murphy

Press Club – photo credit – Lauren Murphy

The eleven track album (available on bandcamp) has a rawness of sound that reflects of a perception of the world around in which all is transitory and in a state of flux with no certainties other than the certainty of uncertainty.

The songs are a well conceived mix of ragged guitar and vocal which create the fraught nerves nature of the sound, underpinned by solid bass and percussion, giving the audience something on which to chew enabling Press Club to create music of the finest quality as the two elements fuse seamlessly and an LP to add the essential playlist.

My pick of the release being the seventh – Ignorance.


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President of What? – POSTERBOY – Audio

The Irish angst-rock duo President Of What? are finalising details for the LP And What If After I’m Gone None of It Matters?.

President of What? - POSTERBOY

President of What?

The latest track POSTERBOY, released yesterday and available on bandcamp, continues their knack of taking questions that cause personal anxiety and creating a quirky response. POSTERBOY is a song that revolves around the thoughts of a band member being overshadowed by the vocalist.

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President of What? – TRAILERPARK – Audio

The Irish angst-rock duo President of What? released the single TRAILERPARK on the 6th.

President of What? - TRAILERPARK

President of What?

Turning their attention to another aspect of life President Of What? take their tongue in cheek sharp scissors to the subject of marijuana which they lay to a backdrop of urban rap – giving the song an even greater sense of their cynicism of the perspective taken by many bureaucrats with the hyperbole and hysteria surrounding the smoking of weed.

TRAILERPARK is available on bandcamp.

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