Craig Taylor-Broad

Craig Taylor-Broad is an angst-riven-acoustic creator from Redruth in England.

Craig Taylor-Broad

Craig Taylor-Broad

If you are thinking about adding Craig Taylor-Broad to a celebration play-list, you are perhaps as much of a misanthrope as I, however if you are reflecting on the turmoils of life, this is exactly what you need to be reaching to play.

It isn’t often that material surfaces that is of darker temperament than Leonard Cohen, inevitably you would expect Emerging Indie Bands to be a site that will give it plenty of room to develop the theme. Like a voyeur watching a snuff-film through voile, the audience is greeted with noises-off as the anxiety bleeds across the the room leaving palpable rivers of entrails.

Acoustic guitar switches betwixt peals like a campanologist focusing attention and distorted voluminous tortured souls as the half-spoken lyric adds more shards of broken glass around the room. Somehow, despite the morose perspicacity, the material excoriates the mind, leaving the audience not alone in anxiety rather in company and time spent in the company of Craig Taylor-Broad doesn’t find you reaching for a razor-blade, rather feeling part of the wider world.

Creators who are able to take the listener from despair to inclusiveness, in such stark format are, to me, exactly why this site exists. Whilst I never expect this to appear anywhere near the mainstream, it should as this exactly the creative spark that makes being a music reviewer such a pleasure and I recommend spending time with Craig Taylor-Broad, though perhaps not at a wedding, unless you are the jilted other party…

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