Someday I Will Miss You – Angels Might Be Late – Audio

Someday I Will Miss You is the dream-electronica Croatian solo project of Dino Pavlov.

Someday I Will Miss You - Angels Might Be Late

Someday I Will Miss You

Surfacing yesterday is the latest track – Angels Might be Late.

Unhurriedly brushing gently from the speakers Angels Might be Late is a track of less angularity than those featured over the past year by Someday I Will Miss You – as the opening percussion, whilst ever attunable, becomes subsumed within the electronica and blurry vocals, allowing the music to gently ebb and flow around the ears, in a number that finds the listener more relaxed and finally become recumbent as the four and almost one half minutes drift hypnotically through the body.

The only sadness I have of the material by Someday I Will Miss You is that there is a tendency to release individual tracks whilst the style is more suited to an extended LP of an hour or so of mind-massage, which I look forward to ingesting in due course.

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