Plastique based in London (England) is the electro-rock trio of Anelise Kunz (Vocals), Fabio Couto (Guitars), and Gabriel Ralls (electronics).

Plastique - electro-rock from England


Darker vestiges of purple splash across the ears as the electronica swirls around the instrumentation giving the music a Mariana Trench of depth and Plastique make the most of these sonorous spaces with luscious textures and electrifying bass. There is something of an S&M dungeon to the sound, not so much music to ‘make love to’, rather to experiment with and Plastique will lead you to calling out the safe word at some point.

Perhaps it is the combination of two Latin and one English temperament that enables the trio to deliver such evocative compositions, which travel wickedly around the brain; whatever it may be, just anticipate a ride into ecstasy. Plastique play with tempos and effects, whilst ever retaining an unmistakeable sound that draws in the listener.

A fairly recent twelve track LP #SocialScar should see Plastique gaining more progressive and relevant venues than the standard circuit they have predominately been playing thus far and I wish them every success for 2014.


#SocialScar – Plastique is available on iTunes*

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