Idles – The Idles Chant – Video

It was back in September 2012 the English garage-rock quintet Idles last featured.

Idles - MEAT - artwork

Idles – MEAT – artwork

With a change of only one player, Andy being replaced by Lee Kiernan, there is a recognisable thread to the music of Idles.

The four track EP, MEAT is due for release on the 29th. The second piece is The Idles Chant which is a rumbustious rock ‘n’ roll number that will have you thrashing around the room in abandon and frenzied footstep, whilst joining in the vocal gaps.

I have no idea why it has taken me three years to get back to Idles, I certainly hope it doesn’t take that long again.


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Kim Killspeed

Kim Killspeed is a blues rock band from Sydney in Australia comprising Candy, Andy and Bruce plus supporting cast.

Kim Killspeed - blues-rock from Australia

Kim Killspeed

Torturous evocations greet the ears as Kim Killspeed deliver finely sliced sounds which swallow up the room in their considered acoustic presentation. An absolutely stunning vocal captivates the mind to which guitar scurries around in the shadows as a gentle percussion sets the framework.

Kim Killspeed don’t seek to stride new grounds across the landscape of music, but what they have to add is an inspirational touch of brush stroke as they take familiar territory and shoulder themselves into a poise of confidence, with which the audience can engage. The trio add a depth of consternation to genre as they offer music of currency within a concept of the past.

Whilst mastered tracks give Kim Killspeed a smoother feel, which is reflected in their début release Ultrasound – EP – Kim Killspeed*- which surfaced at the end of last month, it is in live performance that I think this would work best as the rawness makes this work far better and with some pleasure, I am able to offer you a track from the unpolished version of what they are about, a song which isn’t on the EP – which will come as no surprise to regular readers.

That isn’t to say that the release is not worth getting hold of as the mastered material also has much to offer.


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Fire Island Pines

Fires Island Pines an alt-indie collective from Wadebridge in England is Anton, Andy, Ben, Seamus, Simon and Tom.

Fire Island Pines alt-indie from England

Fire Island Pines

Fire Island Pines bring together jangly pop with trumpets and sympathy to deliver melodic twists and turns of tempered sounds that mercurially flow into the ears. The sextet build their music into generous layers which have a presence that is demanding of attention as the polarities of  the instruments and influences ease across each other in immersive combinations.

The bitter-sweet final product is finely balanced, with the out-put having a hazed delivery, which adds to the sensibilities of the music that Fire Island Pines creates. Despite the numbers of players, there is nothing over reached in the sounds, which find the players ably folding one into the other creating a cohesive sound that has a generous layers for the listener to consider.

As I comment, from time to time, I do always promise to get back to every introduction, though not always in a timely manner and it was back in June 2011 that I received the introduction. Somehow things do marry up as it was only towards the end of last month that Fire Island Pines released their début ten track LP – True Grit (which is available on bandcamp).

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Locas is the garage rock duo of Andy (Guitar / Vocals) and Eddie (Drums) from Los Angeles in the USA.

Locas - Garage rock from The USA


The distortion causes the speakers to hesitate and retest the sound before it jumbles into the room as Locas deliver their take on the world. Newly out of the blocks there is much to enjoy with a six track EP having already appeared.

Inside the tangled compositions lay some well focused and written hooks that grab hold of the listener as Locas unleash music that resonates of the here and now with its polarities. The highly energetic percussion more than makes up for the lack of bass, though as you know the four string is the instrument to which my ears naturally gravitate.

In what is the appropriately named – Locas Demonstration – the duo cover many themes and tempos, as would be anticipated from such an early release, in what is just less than twenty minutes of nerve jangling sounds.

Whilst it works fine on recording and I am delighted they have made the music available to a wider audience, Locas is probably best to catch live as the energetic freneticism would have a more contextual setting. But for those of us who don’t live in the Los Angeles area it provides a fine dose of listening.

I look forward to hearing more over the coming months and wish Locas all the best.

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LaDiDa from Gothenberg in Sweden is Bea, Rat, Andy, Erik an alt-indie band.

LaDiDa - alt indie from Sweden


Changes in line-up and band name has seen LaDiDa burrowed away in a time-capsule for the past few years, but they are now back bursting with even more energy than previously. Working on a new release whilst getting out on the road again the quartet are back with a bang. I have had the opportunity of hearing two of their demo recordings which would indicate their new release coming out some time early next year will be worth getting hold of. The music from a few years ago however does justice to the new sounds as there remains a distinctive and unforgettable vocal infused with the infectious enthusiasm of the music which showers ohms through the speakers.

For the first time in many years I found myself doing some exercise with the first cup of coffee of the day as the need to pogo overwhelmed the need for caffeine. As many of you know from my previous writing, that is a pretty mean feat as not only do I start drinking coffee before my eyes open, it also takes a coffee to get me off to sleep at night. What a great start to the day and I look forward to hearing more of these tracks before they end up on the finished product. The raw bleeding edges are exactly what LaDiDa are about and I hope they don’t put on too many layers of make-up before letting it loose more widely, for now, unless you are going to be seeing them in Sweden live, you will have to take my word for it as I am unable to share these demo tracks.

From the archives, but giving a good idea what LaDiDa is all about here is something from a couple of years ago.


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