Black Fox

Black Fox from Melbourne in Australia is the gaze-rock quintet of Dane Robertson (Vocals), Daniel Mullens (Guitar), Leigh Mullens (Guitar), Mitch Freeman (Drums) and Andrei Seleznev (Bass).

Black Fox - gazerock from Australia

Black Fox

An intriguing proposition of ’60s’ Brit-pop, new romanticism and heavy rock meets the ears as Black Fox spill out of the speakers. Flowing guitars are buffered by percussion and the bass is permitted to flow across the room like paint spills which fixate the mind, whilst vocal and guitars wrestle the ground and the audience is regaled by the spectacle.

Black Fox resonate with the listener as a result of this dichotomy of inferences which are all grappled with prior to emerging from the speakers and the ears are left with the luxuriant oils resulting, leaving the brain doused in showers of warming jets of sound.

The complexities of influences that lie within the band work far better than may initially be expected as they are able to gel as a unit to deliver harmonies and context which mould like warmed wax earbuds to the concha and meatus.

I am led to believe that the band is set to relocate to London, England, which posits a new springboard for the band and therefore the new direction of travel becomes more fascinating, time will tell, I look forward to hearing more of their journey.


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