New Year Ninety 2015 – 80 to 71

Without the bands who take the time to create the music none of this would be possible. As is always the case with the New Year Ninety Chart – some of the bands featured in the chart have now disbanded – thank you for your legacy.

Emerging Indie Bands

Emerging Indie Bands

From 80 to 71.

80. Indian Summer (England)

79. The Great Artiste (France)

78. .gif (Singapore)

The Wknd Sessions Ep. 83: .gif – Single – GIF is available on iTunes.*

77. Robb Hill And Brave By Numbers (Canada)

76. The Dirty Lies (England)

75. Pepa Knight (Australia)

Hypnotized Vol.1 – EP – Pepa Knight is available on iTunes.*

74. And The Kid (Croatia)

73. Sounds Of Sputnik (Russia)

72. Froskull (USA)

Froskull – Froskull is available on iTunes.*

71. Slint (USA)

Spiderland – Slint is available on iTunes.*

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And The Kid

And The Kid an alt-rock band from Zagreb in Croatia is Mali (Vocals / Guitar), Starki (Guitar), Mioch (Bass) and Pavle (Drums).

And The Kid - alt-rock from Croatia

And The Kid

A fascinating combination of acoustics and electric instruments form the backdrop to a spotlight on a diametric vocal, lays at the heart of And The Kind. The music floats like cumulus clouds lulling the audience into a sense of serenity, whilst a visceral lyric, also delivered like a ray of sunshine, showers the ears with reflections and perceptions of the world around.

Compositions which resonate with realities not propaganda, I always find have credibility and of particular enjoyment when approached from surprising angles, so it is of little surprise that I recommend you take a moment out of your day to consider the well worked and delivered reflective of And The Kid.

What hits the sweet-spot is that way the quartet is able to produce a sound which is so redolent of the realities of the world around, a bumptious surface is scarred by inner turmoil, reflecting on so much of what is happening on a world of PR spin.

The song-writing is top-draw and the execution is absolutely in-tune with the ’10s.


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