Hobart W Fink

Jayk Gallagher (Vocals / Guitar), Marie Bollinger (Vocals), Brendan Kelley (Bass), Luke Harvis (Lead Guitar) and Byron Pagdilao (Drums) make up the Los Angeles, USA based indie rock band Hobart W Fink.

Hobart W Fink - indie rock from the USA

Hobart W Fink

I wondered whether the switching between vocalist by Hobart W Fink mid-track would grate and become nothing more than a confusion after a while, but they use the changeover particularly well and the music gains perspective through it and the more you hear the better it becomes. Fairly lengthy tracks (well over four minutes typically) gain resonance and intrigue as the voices tell different parts of the story.

The accompanying instrumental, I just enjoy for its carefree attitude which complements the two voices with their more studied off key vicissitude and the whole sound in combination fully wraps the listener in  tight grasp and joining in with the chorus.

There is undoubtedly a capable songwriter involved in the band as the stylised compositions have a tonality which keeps the audience in full focus and whilst easy for the ear to engage with, the tracks are far from easy to play as tempos switch up and down, along with keys, whilst retaining an animate flow.

I look forward to hearing more of Hobart W Fink who as an entity is just over a year old, as they have much to add to the world of music and with experience and confidence have the potential to be of even greater significance.

The name of the band is just a joy as don’t you like me, just need to do a wikipedia search to find out about this man- who must have been an eminent surgeon? In time I am hopeful we will find this entry is filled in with the details of these guys from Los Angeles, not, as I write – a void.


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Plus is Paul Hiller (Bass / Synth / Vocals), David Powell (Guitar / Synth / Vocals), Dave Farina (Drums / Synth / Samples / Vocals) and Cameron Gharaee (Synth / Guitar / Vocals) an electro-rock band from Los Angeles in the USA.

Plus - alt electro from the USA


It is something of a surprise to find Plus emanates from Los Angeles and good on them for challenging the local mores, as importantly, regardless of their home base there are some smartly crafted tunes to be found.

On the surface this all sounds very clean and glossy, but there is an underlying current that scratches at the veins and the mind is forced to focus and finds there is a deftly able quartet at work as they deliver music which has a liveliness to it that belies the umpteen computers being used to generate the noises to accompany drums, guitar and vocal. Avoiding the trap of ever present loops Plus use the technology intelligently so that the synthesized sounds form a framework not a focal point which enables the listener to relate to the out-put.

I am not sure what is it about this I really enjoy. Is it I feel wish that Plus just get a little bit grittier and subsume themselves in the European scene, or is it because the frothiness is just a pleasure in its own right? Either way, the material serves its purpose admirably, as I just need to hear more to keep on scratching that itch and will keep playing their music on the playlist – ‘One more time please’.


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Inbellum is the rock metal band from Van Nuys in the USA comprising Hector Ochoa (Vocals), Milton Quintanilla (Guitar), Jonathan Paschall (Drums) and Andres Rodriguez Vahos (Bass).

Inbellum - heavy metal from the USA


Tentaverunt me ad scribere totum review patria lingua Inbellum sicut et habent originem a paucis titulos quoque Latinum carmen, but I won’t as the powerhouse lies within the sounds scouring their way across the room, not in the Latin derivations.

Heavy Metal when played well can be a beautiful and calming space in which to lay and Inbellum take us to this space.  A plethora of influences sit within this Honduran, Columbian, American combination and the influences of Southern America are interspersed with trips to the Caribbean lifting the music to a level which totally absorbs the listener. La voz cambia entre el Español y el inglés puede ser un poco irritante para algunos but that is the real strength of the band as they combine so much in a short space of time.

Music which challenges preconceptions is always a pleasure to find and I am only sorry it has taken me me two months to get round to writing the review as I float around the room on a sublime melting pot of percussion, vocal and guitar work that can’t help but attract attention from anyone who enjoys bands who challenge the norm to come up with something truly original, but equally accessible.

website (be aware music will start playing immediately).

Are You Still With Me? – Inbellum is available on iTunes*

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EdTang & The Chops

EdTang & The Chops is the rock band comprising EdTangNick BockBrad HarrisonGeoffrey Myers and Vic Fraternale from New Jersey in the USA.

EdTang & The Chops is a rock band from the USA

EdTang & The Chops

EdTang & The Chops has more than a hint of americana as pedal steel slides across the stage, but inside that, is a lively retake of Celtic Rock and the listener is drawn to The Pogues, so how could I not recommend you take a moment out of your day.

There is great pleasure in exploring the world of emerging bands and the quintet exemplify why this is the case. A laid-back soundtrack is complimented by a whisky soaked and cigarette smokers vocal, which gives the material a scintillating edge that captures the ears immediately on hitting play.

The folk derivatives ripple round the room as a diverse range of instruments are deployed to deliver engaging music. The whole soundscape resembles the what if –  The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl had created more music together – well it would have been EdTang & The Chops.That isn’t to say this is some pale pastiche, far from it, it is a pure delight and a band I would like to hear much more of in the future as they combine traditional sounds with inventiveness to provide the audience with something immensely fulfilling.

Classic storytelling combines with mood fitting compositions to generate music which not only captures the listener but gets them involved.


Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner – Edtang is available on iTunes.*

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